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6 Reasons To Take The Kids To Normandy

Normandy is a fantastic place to visit with a family. Without having to travel vast distances you can experience a real change in culture, taste the delights of the French cuisine and experience local traditions.

Guest Blogger Sarah Forde shares her thoughts…

We have visited Normandy several times, mainly to tie in with following the children’s curriculum at school and to give them a real life sense of how history was made during the Second World War. Here are some of our favourites amongst the many wonderful places to explore:

Honfleur, Normandy

Bayeux Tapestry

Many of us learnt about how the tapestry told the story of William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings when we were in Primary School. The Bayeux Tapestry is much larger than I imagined and more colourful.  Tickets are Adults €9, Children €4, under 10s free. Included in the price are invaluable audio guides! There is also a slide show and short film.


Honfleur is a beautiful, enchanting port town, with cobbled streets and slate fronted houses. The town is a popular destination, so can get busy. Lunch sat outside along the Old Basin Marina is picturesque with a view of the colourful sailing boats and buildings full of character. There are also some lovely walks along the sea front.

Mont St Michel NormandyMont St Michel

Get there early! This iconic sight is stunning. However, it can be a tourist trap, and it is best to arrive early to beat the crowds. Walk slowly up the cobbled street of Grand Rue which winds and weaves up to the Abbey, where the views from the top are spectacular.

Pegasus Bridge

Having watched the film The Longest Day with the children before we visited, and by stumbling across an excellent tour guide we managed to stay over 3 hours at the Pegasus Memorial – and only left because it was closing!  An absolutely fascinating slice of relevant history, it has excellent translations, along with an entertaining film that documents the historic happening of 6th June 1944.

Utah beachD Day Beaches

We have always booked a tour when exploring the D Day Beaches. The tour guides have such vast, accurate knowledge and their stories are very moving. This, together with being driven between important points of interest makes booking a tour the sensible option. We use Overlord Tours and find them excellent, and worth every penny. The tour takes you to the American Cemetery, Gold Beach and Omaha Beach as well as many other places.
Sarah Forde
Sarah Forde works in Strategic Social Media Management and is a Travel Enthusiast. Having back-packed around the world in the 1990’s she continues her adventures dragging her family behind her. Sarah lives in Basingstoke with her husband James, four children and Sparkles the Wonder Cat.