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Car Hire

With all the bad press flying about at the moment, you might be a bit worried about car hire. We understand that. That’s why we are partnered with Zest Car Rental, because they are the best.

Car hire insurance is confusing. Many of us don’t hire cars all that often and suppliers make things more confusing by using different phrases for the same insurance product. So here is our quick guide to make sure that you don’t overpay for insurance, but you don’t get a nasty surprise either. There are several different elements to car hire insurance so let’s go through them one at a time.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

Car accidentWithout CDW you would be liable to the full cost of any damage to the car, whether it is your fault or not. So CDW is pretty essential, but the average policy has some rather big holes in it. It doesn’t cover theft, and it doesn’t cover things like windscreen, wheels, tyres or underbody damage. Worse, despite it’s name, it generally doesn’t cover you for the full cost of damage. Typically you are still liable for the first £1000, £1200 or perhaps even £2000 of the repair cost. CDW is always included when booking with Zest Car Rental with either no insurance excess or Excess Reimbursement Insurance (more on this later). Read more

Ryanair and Luggage Fees

RyanairWe’ve just seen that Ryanair (the airline everyone loves to hate) are thinking of tightening up their rules on cabin baggage because they think some customers are taking advantage of their generous nature. Is that really true? How could it be so? This is how we see it:

Ryanair is probably the most determined airline when it comes to keeping their headline ticket prices low. Then they try to recoup some money from their customers by charging extra for just about everything else, short of the air that you breathe. Read more

Best Small Hotels in the UK

We love Spain (you may have noticed!). Kentisbury Grange, DevonBut we also love little hotels in other places too, especially when they are really, really good. So we have just launched a new website dedicated to only the best small hotels. Just so there is no confusion, we’ve called it Best Small Hotels and you’ll find it at

Initially we are showing the best small hotels in England and Wales, and we have got about fifty to get us started. There are plenty more to come and we’ll be adding them as quickly as we can. It’s not the work of a moment though to verify that a hotel is truly deserving of the accolade “BEST”,  Read more

The Summer Experience at The Sea Club

The Sea ClubThe Sea Club, if you are not already familiar, is like staying in an English house party in a large rambling private Mediterranean villa. From the last week of June to the first week of September The Sea Club becomes a very social and lively place with many return families and friends enjoying the vibrant atmosphere in the sun.

The laid back ambiance is what The Sea Club is all about, once you have been you may never want to leave. The Cumberlege family and staff will make you feel like you are staying in a home from home. If you are a first timer, it will not be long until you have become integrated into this unique place.

The pivotal point of The Sea Club is the outdoor garden bar. It is informal, unpretentious and little has changed since the early days. Read more

6 Days of Inspirational Walks – 7 Nights of Luxury Eco-Glamping

The ultimate active holiday: WALK THE ROCK 2016, 26 November – 3rd December

Lanzarote countrysideSince 2007 Eco Finca de Arrieta have set the benchmark for providing an alternative concept for holidays: a beautiful oasis in the picturesque north of Lanzarote; a retreat for people who value luxury, sustainability and activity, far away from the ‘madding’ tourist crowds in the south.

The island of Lanzarote is a treasure chest of little discovered beauty. Simply put, the island holds some of the most breathtaking scenery to be found in Europe. In late November, as the temperature has cooled and the trade winds dropped, Eco Finca de Arrieta, Read more

Swimming Pools Without Chlorine

Hotel Son PonsWe are so accustomed to the chlorine in a swimming pool that most times we barely notice it. It’s only when we experience a non-chlorine pool that we realise just how much nicer it can be.

The main alternative to traditional chlorine is salt-water electrolysis. Although people usually describe this as a salt-water swimming pool, it’s a bit of a misnomer as it’s really nothing like swimming in sea water. The concentration of salt is only about a tenth of that in sea water, so there are no stingy eyes and it doesn’t taste salty. Read more

12 Fabulous Beaches in Spain

Calas de MallorcaSpain and the Spanish islands have some of the most stunning beaches in the world. Move away from a few over-crowded resorts and you will find places that are a match for anything you could see in the Caribbean or the Indian Ocean.

White sand and turquoise water. Rugged, rocky shorelines. Long, long stretches of firm sand. And the occasional surprise.

Do you have a favourite? If so, please tell us. Meanwhile, here are a few contenders for our own favourites.

Read more


The Antequera valley has been a trade route and a place of settlement ever since stone-age man set foot on the Iberian peninsula. Indeed the area has some of the most important bronze-age dolmens to be seen anywhere in the country, and the bronze-age relics are then followed by Roman, Moorish, Christian and the various political and architectural epoques that have followed. Read more