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Holidays in the Canaries

6 Days of Inspirational Walks – 7 Nights of Luxury Eco-Glamping

The ultimate active holiday: WALK THE ROCK 2016, 26 November – 3rd December

Lanzarote countrysideSince 2007 Eco Finca de Arrieta have set the benchmark for providing an alternative concept for holidays: a beautiful oasis in the picturesque north of Lanzarote; a retreat for people who value luxury, sustainability and activity, far away from the ‘madding’ tourist crowds in the south.

The island of Lanzarote is a treasure chest of little discovered beauty. Simply put, the island holds some of the most breathtaking scenery to be found in Europe. In late November, as the temperature has cooled and the trade winds dropped, Eco Finca de Arrieta, Read more

12 Fabulous Beaches in Spain

Calas de MallorcaSpain and the Spanish islands have some of the most stunning beaches in the world. Move away from a few over-crowded resorts and you will find places that are a match for anything you could see in the Caribbean or the Indian Ocean.

White sand and turquoise water. Rugged, rocky shorelines. Long, long stretches of firm sand. And the occasional surprise.

Do you have a favourite? If so, please tell us. Meanwhile, here are a few contenders for our own favourites.

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The Spanish Language

Spanish flagIt is estimated that Spanish is spoken by between 350 and 400 million people around the world. It is the third most spoken language by number of speakers (after Chinese and English), and the second most spoken language in terms of native speakers. It is also the official language of nearly all of South and Central America. Spanish has certainly spread itself far and wide from its Iberian beginnings. Read more

Sustainable Cuisine

Fast food has been with us for years, and “all inclusive” is now a growing trend. Yet wouldn’t it be so much better if the emphasis was placed on slow food and sustainability? That is the view of chef Adrian Broins who told us something about agriculture and gastronomy on Tenerife.

Chef Adrian Broins

© Andrea Lamert

Tenerife is an island that produces more than a little of the exotic: pineapples, kiwi fruit, mangoes and papaya all grow there. It also has culinary traditions that are, on the face of it, more prosaic: fish, bananas, goats and potatoes. Some potato varieties are unique to the Canary Islands, and all the better for it. Adrian is a firm believer in the gastronomic, cultural and economic benefits of serving lovingly-prepared local food, and that is why his restaurant at El Patio de Tita is the first “slow-food restaurant” on Tenerife. Read more

Lanzarote Insider Tips

Only a 4 hr flight from the UK, Lanzarote boasts balmy sunshine, cool breezes and all-year temperatures are truly tan-worthy.

Finca Malvasia

Finca Malvasia

But it’s not all about sun, Lanzarote is a unique and very special island. With the cultural delights on offer, thanks to a rich history and the artistic flair of the legendary Cesar Manrique, there is plenty to do and explore. Gastronomy really comes into its own and the island is bursting with food and wine to try. On many levels, Lanzarote will exceed your expectations!.
So read on and prepare to be inspired! Read more