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Holidays on Ibiza

The Catalan Language

4 million speakers out of the Spanish population of 45 million may not initially sound huge, but in those communities who do speak it, Catalan has a significant standing. A somewhat maligned language, it has a turbulent history which highlights the point of contention it long has been. Fundamentally though, despite the presence of other minority languages in Spain such as Basque and Galician, Catalan is the most prominent. Read more

Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town, Torre del CanonigoIbiza Town really is the most fascinating part of the island, day or night. Here you will see a concentration of all the attractions and eccentricities which have made Ibiza world famous.

You can stroll through the winding lanes of the Port area, soaking up the vibrant, atmosphere of Ibiza by night; wander up through the cobbled streets of the Old Town to admire the stunning views across the bay; browse through the many and varied stalls and designer shops; dine in one of the many restaurants, for a moment of blissful calm amid the action; you can even catch a ferry to Formentera or the neighbouring beaches. Read more