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5 Lasting Memories of Haute-Savoie

It’s official – its ski season. Many Brits are packing up their salopettes, bound for the slopes with their skis over their shoulder and SPF lip balm in their back pocket. Many will be heading for Geneva, which serves as a hub airport for connections to the ski resorts. Read more

Madrid – A Visit

An often repeated proverb dating back to the Renaissance says, with a little exaggeration, ‘Madrid, nueve meses de invierno, tres meses de infierno’ (Madrid, nine months of winter, three months of burning hell). In August the temperature averages 30ºC while in winter it can fall several degrees below zero. Although the saying is exaggerated, the continental climate in the middle of the peninsula and the altitude of Madrid at 646 metres above sea level certainly does make for an extreme climate. Ideally the best times of the year to visit are between April and June and September to October, Read more

6 Reasons To Take The Kids To Normandy

Normandy is a fantastic place to visit with a family. Without having to travel vast distances you can experience a real change in culture, taste the delights of the French cuisine and experience local traditions. Read more

Brexit – Bad for Travellers?

EU flagIf only we could capture all the hot air being expended by the In and Out camps, we could all warm our houses for nothing. Already we have heard plenty of sound-bites and read lots of cleverly-worded hyperbole, but few offer any reasoning to support their position. Read more

Family Holidays: a Source of Lifelong Happiness

You know that a holiday is good for you, but did you know the benefits of that break last long after you get home?

Read more

A Little News From Little Hotels

We’ve just sent out our latest Little Hotels newsletter. If you didn’t receive one, you can read it here.
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If Guadalest didn’t already exist, someone would have had to invent it. This amazing little village offers so much.

Let’s start with the castle. The vertical precipices of rock couldn’t fail to attract the attention of anyone looking for position that would readily hold back their enemies. Read more


PamplonaSome while back I had the opportunity to wander around the centre of Pamplona, the city made famous by the annual “running of the bulls”. Although I didn’t find a little hotel there suitable for Little Hotels (yes I know, I’m fussy!), that’s no reason not to pass on a little of what I learned. Anyway, it’s only a short drive from Hotel Iribarnia, set out in the Navarra countryside.

Just like in nearly every city, it’s the old quarter that is the most interesting bit. In Pamplona, that’s the little maze of streets radiating out from the Plaza Del Castillo. I sat there a while in the centre of the square and decided that I really must pay a visit to Café Iruña. Read more