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Swimming Pools Without Chlorine

Hotel Son PonsWe are so accustomed to the chlorine in a swimming pool that most times we barely notice it. It’s only when we experience a non-chlorine pool that we realise just how much nicer it can be.

The main alternative to traditional chlorine is salt-water electrolysis. Although people usually describe this as a salt-water swimming pool, it’s a bit of a misnomer as it’s really nothing like swimming in sea water. The concentration of salt is only about a tenth of that in sea water, so there are no stingy eyes and it doesn’t taste salty.

The chemical technicalities are beyond the scope of this blog but the benefits are clear enough. There’s no smell of chlorine, the sensitivity of some people to chlorine is not a problem and the water is “soft”. It’s this softness, like you get from a domestic water softener, that is the main advantage in my personal experience. It’s something difficult to describe; it just feels much much nicer, though it doesn’t seem any softer if you go in with a belly flop!

A number of our little hotels have chlorine-free pools. For example, in Mallorca you could choose from
Agroturisme Son Pons
Hotel Son Arnau
Can Furios
Mirabó de Valldemossa
Finca Son Lladó
Bennoc Petit Hotel

There are many others too, in other locations.