12 Fabulous Beaches in Spain

Spain and the Spanish islands have some of the most stunning beaches in the world. Move away from a few over-crowded resorts and you will find places that are a match for anything you could see in the Caribbean or the Indian Ocean.

White sand and turquoise water. Rugged, rocky shorelines. Long, long stretches of firm sand. And the occasional surprise.

Do you have a favourite? If so, please tell us. Meanwhile, here are a few contenders for our own favourites.

Caló des Moro - Mallorca

Just one of the many gorgeous little coves on the east coast of Mallorca, Caló des Moro is close to the village of Santanyi. Calo des Moro Santanyi Mallorca

Credit: Tommi Hansen

Any of the little hotels in the south or east of Mallorca would be ideal for visiting the Calas.

Cala Turqueta - Menorca

There are several secluded calas in the south-west corner of Menorca, all equally beautiful. Cala Turqueta Menorca Minorca

Credit: hugos007

Morvedra Nou is the little hotel closest to Cala Turqueta. Hotel Tres Sants and Hotel Abril 37 (both in Ciudadella) are nearby too.

Playa de Los Muertos - Almería

It's a bit of a walk down to Playa de Los Muertos, but absolutely worth it. Playa de Los Muertos, Almeria

Credit: jarp32

The Almería coast is only lightly touched by tourism, so try any of our hotels there.

Playa de Bolonia - Cadiz

Long, long beaches of golden sand, and no crowds. Alternatively head for Zahara de Los Atunes where (when we were last there) you could see the tuna fish as you snorkelled above them. Playa_Bolonia, Cadiz

Credit: Francisco Manresa Ayuso

The nearest little hotels are La Botica de Vejer and Hotel V....

Playa de la Granadella - Jávea, Alicante

This little Mediterranean beach has won many awards as the most beautiful in Spain. That's a pretty big claim, but it's certainly right up there amongst the best. Cala de la Granadella, Jávea, Alicante, Spain

Credit: Diego Delso

Cuatre Finques, Casa MistelaLa Madrugada and Casa del Maco are all within easy distance of Cala de la Granadella.

Cala del Pi - Girona

Typical of the rocky shoreline and small sandy beaches of the Costa Brava. Cala del Pi, Platja dAro, Girona

Credit: Jordi Sanchez Teruel

The nearest little hotel is Hotel Aiguaclara in Begur.

Playa de Laga - Vizcaya

There are lots of exciting places to explore along the coast of the Basque Country. Long sandy beaches, rocks, cliffs and little fishing villages. Playa de Laga, Vizcaya, Basque Country

Credit: Beltxo84

Hotels Gametxo, ZubietaIturregi and Villa Magalean are all on this beautiful piece of coastline.

Playa de Oyambre - Cantabria

The north coast of Spain is renowned for long sandy beaches. This is one of the best. Playa Oyambre, Cantabria

Credit: pepeinsuiza

There are lots of charming little hotels along or near the Cantabrian coast.

Playa de Peñarronda - Asturias

This famous beach is probably more suited to surfers and walkers rather than those who want to paddle. There's room for everyone though. Playa de Penarronda, Asturias

Credit: Marta Gonzalez

The nearest little hotel is Torre de Villademoros.

Playa de Gulpiyuri - Asturias

There's a beach. There are rocks. The tide goes in and out. But where is the sea? You might find out more here. Playa de Gulpiyuri, Asturias, Spain

Credit: ospanacar

Hotel Rural ValleoscuruPosada del Valle and Quinta de Villanueva are small country hotels conveniently nearby.

Playa de Rodas - Galicia

The deeply indented coastline of Galicia (the "Rias") create some magnificent stretches of water and sand. Playa de Rodas, Galicia

Credit: Ignorant Walking

You'll need to take a ferry to visit this beach. The nearest little hotel is Rectoral de Cobres, but you might also choose to stay at Novavila Wine Hotel or Casa do Sear.

Lago Verde - Lanzarote

The Green Lake at El Golfo takes the form of a crescent, resting against the side of a former volcanic crater. It's distinctive colour comes from the unique shellfish called Clicos that live there in abundance. Lago Verde Lanzarote

Credit: Ramón Cabezas

The nearest hotels are Casona de Yaiza, Casa de Hilario and Casa El Morro, but really it's not that far from anywhere on Lanzarote.

22 Aug 2016, 16:49

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