6 Days of Inspirational Walks - 7 Nights of Luxury Eco-Glamping

The ultimate active holiday: WALK THE ROCK 2016, 26 November - 3rd December

Lanzarote countrysideSince 2007 Eco Finca de Arrieta have set the benchmark for providing an alternative concept for holidays: a beautiful oasis in the picturesque north of Lanzarote; a retreat for people who value luxury, sustainability and activity, far away from the 'madding' tourist crowds in the south.

The island of Lanzarote is a treasure chest of little discovered beauty. Simply put, the island holds some of the most breathtaking scenery to be found in Europe. In late November, as the temperature has cooled and the trade winds dropped, Eco Finca de Arrieta, in partnership with Blackstone Treks & Tours, are offering a small group of people the chance to walk the length of Lanzarote over 6 days.

Unique routes have been chosen, away from the 'official' routes to ensure an unforgettable look at an island forged by the the volcanic power of the Timanfaya eruptions between 1730 and 1736, and steeped in historical, cultural and environmental interest.

Michelle Braddock, co-founder of Eco Finca de Arrieta, explains:
"This island is a magical place, it has the power to  move you spiritually, to take you to a place that seems beyond this world. There is a reason that the island has been the location for so many films: Moby Dick, One million years BC, Journey to the centre of the Earth, Planet of the Apes, Mad Max - Fury Road and many more.

LanzaroteNever before have we walked the island in 1 week, so when Blackstone Treks said they would help organise it we jumped at the opportunity. Jose, our guide and Blackstone Treks & Tours owner, brings a unique aspect to this. His local knowledge, expertise and passion is unrivalled. He also knows the best stops for some local wine and tapas; after all we cannot forget this is a holiday experience! For those who accompany us on his adventure we promise you an experience you will never forget".

The daily walks will be of moderate intensity, no problem for anyone reasonably healthy, distances in the region of 14 km (9 miles) per day.

We are offering special prices, to include guest's accommodation. There is a selection of yurts and villas especially selected for this offer (subject to availability).

Eco Tower, Price for 2 guests sharing is 1630 euros.
Eco Palm Yurt, Price for 2 guests sharing is 1630 euros.
Eco Yurt Price for 2 guests sharing is 2225 euros.
Eco Lodge Price for 2 guests sharing is 2100 euros.
Eco Luxury Farmhouse, Price for 4 guests sharing is 4000 euros.
Eco Luxury Farmhouse, Price for 6 guests sharing is 5100 euros.
Eco Beach Yurt, Price for 4 guests sharing is 3400 euros.

This is a highly individual holiday, so if you are interested please contact Margaret personally on bookings@littlehotels.co.uk.

18 Oct 2016, 17:23