Artist Residence

Artist Residence BrightonThere's an unusual story behind the Artist Residence hotels.

Once upon a time there was a run-down guesthouse in Brighton, owned by a middle-aged couple who also had an even more derelict place in Penzance. Sad to say, the husband died unexpectedly of a heart attack and just a week later his wife was run over by a bus. Although the lady would subsequently recover from her injuries, her son decided he should drop out of university and attempt to keep the guesthouse going.

When he first tackled the task, the young man was faced by a building that was more like a student digs, with, for example, every spindle of the staircase painted a different bright colour. Working with his artist girlfriend, the solution to this dilemma was clear, if somewhat unconventional. Local street artists were invited to decorate a room each in exchange for some space in the basement, and so the Artist Residence was born! With further help from the Channel 4 programme The Hotel Inspector, the place was transformed and has been voted the top hotel in Brighton.

From Brighton, the remarkable duo moved on to the property in Penzance, and after a year Artist Residence Londonof juggling builders and tradesmen the second Artist Residence boutique hotel came into being.

Now on something of a roll, the enterprising hoteliers found a derelict building in Pimlico, London and set about renovating it. This too has won an award as London's best small hotel as well as being the first Artist Residence to feature in BEST Small Hotels.

You can read about Artist Residence Brighton and Artist Residence London on our website, and if one of them appeals you can book straight from the page. We're still looking at Artist Residence Cornwall to decide if it should feature, and we've also heard that there is now a fourth Artist Residence that we will be taking a look at shortly.

15 Jan 2018, 12:27