BEST Small Hotels - An Introduction

We are pleased to announce our new website, Best Small Hotels, dedicated to (you guessed it!) hotels that are small, but only the very best of them. That doesn't necessarily mean the most expensive, or the most swanky, nor even those with the most facilities.Kentisbury Grange, Devon It does mean a dedication to pleasing their guests, doing everything right, and providing friendly service, comfortable accommodation and great character.

Initially Best Small Hotels covers just England and Wales but we will be expanding our reach just as quickly as we can. It's not a fast process though because a great deal of research goes into every single hotel. Some websites may boast of hundreds of thousands of hotels but we are pleased to have just hundreds, safe in the knowledge that they really are the best. Where will we extend to next? Scotland, of course. Ireland, France, Spain, the Caribbean. Wherever the fancy takes us really.

Although this is a new website we have been in this business for thirteen years, so we do know a little bit about it. We've seen a lot of changes and they have all been incorporated into Best Small Hotels. You'll notice that when you are ready to make a reservation, we'll guide you to one of our partners, one of the big booking engines. That's because although they may be big and impersonal, they do have access to up-to-the-minute prices and availability and you will get an instant confirmation of your booking. This leaves us free to do what we do best: choosing our hotels very carefully, reading hundreds of reviews, studying the hotel and the area, and finally picking just the very best so you can book with confidence.

Haveners, FoweyJust like our small hotels, we are a small company too (still called Little Hotels because we still continue too). No masses of people. No big call centre. No TV advertising budget. We're just a small group of dedicated travellers based in a small office looking out onto the Bristol Channel. We earn our living by getting a small commission for each booking we send to our partners. That's why we ask that you make sure to follow the links from our website when you book, so we will be credited with your reservation.

7 Jun 2017, 11:04