Best Small Hotels in the UK

We love Spain (you may have noticed!). Kentisbury Grange, DevonBut we also love little hotels in other places too, especially when they are really, really good. So we have just launched a new website dedicated to only the best small hotels. Just so there is no confusion, we've called it Best Small Hotels and you'll find it at

Initially we are showing the best small hotels in England and Wales, and we have got about fifty to get us started. There are plenty more to come and we'll be adding them as quickly as we can. It's not the work of a moment though to verify that a hotel is truly deserving of the accolade "BEST", so it does take time.Neither will we stopping at England and Wales; Scotland is the obvious next stop and then who knows where we'll be going next. Ireland? France? Maybe even Spain. The Caribbean (we've had some great holidays there).

Some of our competitors (I use the word loosely) like to boast of having hundreds of thousands of hotels on their websites. We think it is better to have a few hundred that have been carefully looked into and who uphold the values of Little Hotels and Best Small Hotels. For us, quality trumps quantity every time.

Important Note! Best Small Hotels has now been amalgamated into Little Hotels, so you can find all our recommended hotels in one place.

8 Jun 2017, 11:20