Brexit - Bad for Travellers?

EU flagIf only we could capture all the hot air being expended by the In and Out camps, we could all warm our houses for nothing. Already we have heard plenty of sound-bites and read lots of cleverly-worded hyperbole, but few offer any reasoning to support their position.

We've just seen a claim from some "travel industry leaders" saying that Brexit "could see the end of cheap flights and a threat to travellers' safety" if Britain leaves the European Union. There's no explanation of why that should be, of course. And I'm sure those same travel industry leaders don't want you thinking their flights to non-EU destinations are less safe than their EU flights.

Let's be realistic: travel to the Canaries (which seems to be half-in, half-out of the EU) or Morocco (non-EU) is no more difficult or less safe than travel to Spain or France (EU). Allowing for the difference in distance, flights to the Canaries and Morocco are no more expensive. On the other hand, the tax burden on hotel accommodation in the Canaries (which is officially a part of Spain, but doesn't have VAT) is 30% lower than in Spain. And over 60% lower than in France.
24 Feb 2016, 16:09