Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town, Torre del CanonigoIbiza Town really is the most fascinating part of the island, day or night. Here you will see a concentration of all the attractions and eccentricities which have made Ibiza world famous.

You can stroll through the winding lanes of the Port area, soaking up the vibrant, atmosphere of Ibiza by night; wander up through the cobbled streets of the Old Town to admire the stunning views across the bay; browse through the many and varied stalls and designer shops; dine in one of the many restaurants, for a moment of blissful calm amid the action; you can even catch a ferry to Formentera or the neighbouring beaches.

No matter what your age, nationality, interest or sex, the fairytale architecture of Dalt Vila, Europe's most ancient fortress city, perched high on the summit, will captivate you. The spell-binding history and romance of Dalt Vila are evident in the narrow streets whose cobblestones have been polished smooth by the feet of centuries.

Ibiza TownJust outside the citadel walls, on the Port side, is Sa Peña. A construction of ancient, terraced, Arab-style buildings with spindly iron balconies overhanging the thin winding streets with secret alleys and steep cobbled passageways. They are home to many tiny boutiques, bars and eateries, most of which are concentrated into the two streets nearest the Port, Calle de la Virgen and Calle Mayor.

Across the Port is the fabulous Casino, Pacha and El Divino. Here the luxury yacht marinas, at Marina Botafoch and Ibiza Nueva, are graced with the floating palaces of Ibiza's jet-set regulars, who migrate faithfully at the start of each summer to keep their rendezvous with the most famous nightlife in the Med.

We can really recommend a stroll round the quays and jetties of the Marina. Some of the biggest floating pleasure palaces you have ever seen are berthed in Ibiza (most of the time with scantily-clad sun-worshippers adorning the cushioned decks). At both marinas there are some excellent restaurants and cafes from which to enjoy the view and the atmosphere.

Torre del CanonigoIbiza's "wetset" is one of the most exclusive and well known in the world - why don't you don your sailor's cap, roll up your trousers and join them? Maybe, one day, your ship will come in.

Talking of big boats.... one of the most amusing sights in the port is the row of luxury yachts which are allowed to berth directly next to the port (opposite the marina - do not ask us how you qualify). They are always lined up in order of ascending size. From big to unbelievable.

Just beyond the Marina Botafoch is the beautiful bay of ´Talamanca - the nearest beach to Ibiza Town.


Hotel Torre del Canonigo is right in the heart of Dalt Vila. Other hotels on Ibiza are not that far either.

5 Feb 2016, 17:22

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