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New Hotels (Dec 2021)

Five new hotels that have recently caught our eye and been added to Little Hotels. Choose England, Wales, Scotland or Italy.
Portmeirion is possibly the most famous village in Wales. You may know it as the Italianate village created by by architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis. Or you may know it as the location for the 1960s cult TV series The Prisoner starring Patrick McGoohan.

Scottish National Parks

With it's sparse population and extensive mountains, lochs and islands, it comes as a slight surprise that there are only two national parks in Scotland. However perhaps it's those very factors that mean that the wilds of Scotland don't really need the protection of national park status.

The Cotswolds or Somewhere Else?

A recent trip across the centre of England gave us an interesting comparison of two regions of the country, one very well-known and one less so. As we travelled through the Cotswolds we saw pretty towns and villages built of honey-coloured stone and tree-covered hills. In Cambridgeshire, sandwiched between the Midlands and East Anglia, we saw more pretty towns and villages built of honey-coloured stone.

Welsh National Parks

The Welsh national parks – Snowdonia, Pembrokeshire Coast and Brecon Beacons – cover an impressive 20% of Wales. They are perfect for active holidays, walking, cycling, mountain-biking, horse-riding, wild-swimming, but also ideal if you simply want to drive around on quiet country roads and soak up the outstanding views.

Some Places to Visit in the Westcountry

When we think of theatre, we think first-and-foremost of the "West End". Much further west than the traditional West End, is the most westerly theatre in England: the Minack Theatre. Indeed, you really can't get any further west without getting your feet wet!
Created in the 1930s, the Minack Theatre is an open-air venue set in a spectacular cliffside location just along the coast from Land's End.

Some of the World's Most Beautiful Villages

Big cities can feature some pretty impressive landmarks, but for the most spellbinding beauty we must turn to the small towns and villages that abound throughout the world. Here is our pick of some of the most delightful locations that should be on everyone's bucket list.
The great English designer William Morris once declared Bibury to be the most beautiful village in England.

Road Racing on The Island

In 2021, it may not be quite so clearcut when a motorcyclist says he will be racing on "the island". There is a plan being developed for motorcycle races on the Isle of Wight, that will be called the Diamond Races. If all goes well, the races will be held on a 12 mile course using a part of the fast, flowing Military Road on the south coast with a return leg through narrow country roads just inland.

British Landmarks You Really Mustn't Miss

I feel like I've set myself an impossible task here as there are hundreds, possibly thousands, of British landmarks that shouldn't be missed. Here are a selected few: Hadrian's Wall, Land's End, St Michael's Mount, Mount Snowdon, the white cliffs of Dover, the Jurassic coast, Stonehenge and Avebury.

Riviera - Such an Evocative Word

'Riviera' seems to convey so much more sophistication and glamour than just 'the seaside'. But where does the word come from? Surprisingly perhaps, it's not French. The origin of the word is in fact Italian, so it would seem that the original riviera was the Italian Riviera.

A Journey Through the North-East of England

It's not the work of a moment to decide if a hotel is deserving of the label "BEST Small Hotel". Here is the tale of a trip through the north-east of England searching out that elusive hotel that we can truly say is one of the best. Along the way, we also visited some interesting places and saw some wonderful scenery. Our journey began near Skipton in Yorkshire, a town with a broad main street that hosts a market and at it's head, the imposing Skipton Castle.

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