The traditional dwelling of the nomads in Mongolia, a yurt is a tent-like structure, a domed home made from a wooden frame, formed by a number of joined wooden lattice walls. The roof is made from a central crown with roof poles radiating out and sitting on the top of the walls. The frame is covered in fabric or traditionally skins.

Historical evidence suggests that yurts have been used by the nomadic people for over 2000 years. The design of the yurt is superb. The nomads needed homes that were portable, strong enough to withstand Siberian winds and insulated against the most extreme weather. The shape and lining material of the Yurt ensured that this was achieved.

The yurts at Finca de Arrieta range from 3 metres to 10 metres in diameter. All have been constructed by skilled craftsmen on site and have been exquisitely and thoughtfully decorated and furnished. They are well ventilated with an opening in the roof for cooling down on hot summer nights.

The hand-picked Mongolian antique hard wood furniture, luxury fabrics and sky lights for star gazing make staying in our yurts, a wonderful and enlightening experience.

Yurt under construction
Yurt roof