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in the Caribbean


Whether you are a water-lover, sports enthusiast, sailor at heart, history buff, nature lover, foodie or avid beach bum. There is something for everyone!


More than 80 pristine white-sand beaches, including many that are recognised as the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The Dominican Republic

A lush tropical island with 250 miles of long sandy, palm-fringed beaches, mostly deserted.

St Lucia

A Caribbean oasis with some of the best weather, most beautiful beaches and luxuriant vegetation in the world.

St Vincent and the Grenadines

A string of paradise islands stretching lazily across the Caribbean Sea.

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Reasons to visit the Caribbean

The Caribbean islands are an exotic destination, famed as a place for the rich and famous. While they are certainly the haunt of celebrities, there also places where you can stay economically and enjoy all the beauties and pleasures that the islands offer.

The bigger islands are the most developed for tourism, and they have many top class centres with restaurants, bars, shops and nightlife. Every island has it quiet spots too, where visitors can relax in beautiful surroundings in utter tranquility, then pop into a beach bar for a beer, some delicious local cuisine and the exciting music and dance of the islands.