Little Hotels

in St Vincent and the Grenadines

The Islander's Inn

, Union Island

A beachside hotel on tiny Union Island. Every room has a sea view across the coral reefs to the neighbouring islands.

Guest rating 8.6

Spring Hotel Bequia

, Bequia

A plantation-style boutique hotel with a fabulous local vibe.

Guest rating 9.4

Sugar Reef Bequia

, Bequia

Spread across the hillside between the virgin forest and the sweep of Crescent Beach.

Guest rating 9.3

Grenadine House

, Kingstown

An imposing colonial house on the hillside looking down on the Caribbean Sea and with views right across to the neighbouring islands.

Guest rating 9.1
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Reasons to visit St Vincent and the Grenadines

St Vincent and the Grenadines is a part of the Windward Islands, comprising the main island and a chain of smaller islands, islets and cays spread out towards the south.

The biggest island is St Vincent, yet it is relatively undeveloped and has a vast area of unspoilt beauty. Black sand beaches line the leeward (west) coast While the white sand beaches on the south coast and the wild rocky shoreline of the windward (west) side of the island with its secluded pools are all worth the visit. Going inland, discover the abundant flora & fauna as you make your way up to the dormant Soufriere Volcano, hike along the Vermont Nature Trail or drive through verdant Mesopotamia Valley.

Next island down the chain is Bequia. There’s an old-world charm here where everyone speaks to everyone, and the smiles are broad and friendly. The island is less mountainous than most, being a land of rolling hills fringed with the inevitable beaches and West Indian fishing villages.

Probably the most famous island in the Grenadines is Mustique, due to its A-list visitors who have included Princess Margaret and Mick Jagger. Exclusive it may be, but it lacks little hotels. We’re still looking, so if you know something we don’t, please tell us.

Canouan too has no hotels that we would want to stay in, but the next island to the south is a beauty: Mayreau! On the face of it there’s not much to it, and that’s what makes it so stunning. Covered in tropical forest, edged with exquisitely beautiful beaches and protected by a coral reef this is the Caribbean at its very best. Just to the east are the Tobago Cays: three uninhabited islands joined by shallow turquoise water filled with vibrant coral and colourful fish. It’s a snorkeller’s paradise.

Furthest south of the Vincentian Grenadines is Union Island and its little cousin Palm Island. The two villages of Clifton and Ashton appear to be still locked in the 1950s; simple, charming, unhurried and disarmingly friendly. To sit on the edge of the harbour in Clifton looking out on the yacht anchorage is an experience not to be missed. A trip around the whole island is not unduly adventurous and will reward you with amazing sights.  Finally take a boat trip to some of the even smaller nearby islands, including hopefully Morpion where your skipper will pick his way carefully between the coral heads to land you  on a sandy island just 20 metres long and occupied by nothing more than a single palm umbrella.