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Cookies exist to help us give you the best possible experience when using our site. Therefore, by using our site you agree to us setting and using cookies. If nevertheless you want to disable some or all cookies, you can do so by changing the settings in your browser.

It is important to emphasise is that we do not record any of your information for any sort of advertising purposes, nor to follow which websites you visit.

These are the cookies which we use:

This is used to keep a note of any hotels that you have put on your Short List. It enables you to quickly return to the pages of hotels that you have identified as your favourites. If you don't access the Short List for a week, the cookie expires.

Our blog uses cookies to help you find the posts you are looking for.

Some of our partners (who provide booking of flights, car hire, etc) use cookies to help you select exactly the right service for you.

Google Analytics
Like millions of other websites we use Google Analytics to better understand how our visitors find us, and how they use our website. We do not get any information about you individually, but Analytics helps us to build up a picture of our users in general.

Ironically, this is the cookie that will stop the "Cookie Policy" link continually appearing on every page. When you have seen it once, it's not needed any more.

We also use "sessions" which are technically different to cookies, but also similar in some respects. These are the sessions that we use:

Booking Pages
When you use our website to make a hotel booking, you move through a series of pages to input your information. We use sessions to pass that information (such as your choice of hotel, dates, name and address) from page to page until you press the "Send" button to send your booking to our secure server. The session expires when you leave our site.

Other Pages
A few other pages also use sessions to "remember" which country, region or locality you are interested in as you navigate around our site. The sessions expire when you leave our site.


This page has been placed here to comply with the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011. More important than that though, we understand that you value your privacy and we will not do anything to jeopardise that.

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