Little Hotels Privacy Policy

In order to provide our website visitors with the service we do, it is inevitable that we must have certain pieces of information, most notably e-mail addresses and credit card details. We therefore think that this places a burden of responsibility on us to protect that information. We keep this is mind at all times so that everything we do is guided by the need to respect the private information of our visitors.

Here are the main points:

Sharing Information With Hotels

When you make a booking or enquiry with us, we need to pass your details to the hotel concerned. This information is passed using secure internet techniques (see more below), and hotels are required to treat your details with the same confidentiality that we do.

Secure Server Technology

When you make a booking, your details are transmitted from your computer to our server via "Secure Sockets Layer" technology. This essentially means that all the data is encrypted with a 256 bit code before it is transmitted through the internet. You should check before sending sensitive data that the website name has a "https" prefix and the little padlock symbol is showing in your browser. The same technology is used when we or the hotel view your data on our server. Our security certification is provided by AlphaSSL.


For additional security, credit card numbers held on our server are also encrypted. Finally, credit card numbers are deleted from our server as soon as they are no longer required, so the number of card numbers held is kept to a minimum.


We do not carry any outside advertising on our websites. Nor do we provide your details to anyone who might use those details for targetted advertising. In fact, we don't provide your details to anyone, except the hotels that you have booked or enquired about.


We use cookies and sessions to make our website perform it's necessary functions. We don't use tracking cookies or anything like that. See our cookies policy for more details.


We send an occasional newsletter to e-mail addresses that have opted-in. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter mailing list by clicking a link at the bottom of the newsletter. Then no more newsletters will be sent to that address. We never allow anyone else to use our mailing list.

The Office Shredder

If you provide us with any details over the phone, they will of course be written down. As soon as the information has been used, the piece of paper is shredded.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Under the new rules that come into force in May 2018, we are required to document certain points about the way we handle and process personal data. Most of the really relevant points are covered above, but below we include some extra things that are mandated by the GDPR.

Lawful Basis for Processing

Article 6 of the GDPR says that we must have one of the six lawful bases for processing personal data. The lawful base that we have selected as most appropriate is "Consent". This means that the individual has given clear consent for us to process their personal data for a specific purpose. The "specific purpose" in this case is to process your hotel enquiry or booking. Clearly, without that consent there would be no point in filling in our booking or enquiry form.

Individual Rights

Under the GDPR you have the right to know what personal data we hold and what we do with it, and also ask us to delete the data. The data we hold is the data you have provided on our booking and enquiry forms (or the same information provided through some other means such as telephone or e-mail) and what we do with it is explained above. If you want us to delete any or all your personal data you only have to ask and we will do that. Obviously, being an EU Regulation, there are pages and pages of detail on this. If you want to see the full detail you will find it on the Information Commissioner's Office website. Meanwhile our aims are simple: to be fully open, transparent and helpful to you.


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