Guest Review of La Quinta Roja, Garachico, Tenerife

La Quinta Roja
I think the existing reviews on this delightful hotel say it all already. Needless to say we had a lovely week, everyone at the hotel is so friendly and welcoming and we immediately felt relaxed and refreshed despite the drive there from the airport with the slightly scary hairpin bends for the last 8 kilometres down the mountain to Garachico!

On that we talked to the hotel and they recommended driving back to the airport the 'long' way around so heading towards the airport in the north of the island and then back round to the south. This has the advantage of being on motorway most of the way and so avoids all the climbing into the mountains and hairpin bends and took us just under an hour and a half including a stop for fuel. Its a much easier way to get to/from Garachico and takes no longer than what appears to be the 'direct' route. You might want to consider this as an alternative route?

You really don't want a big car to get around the streets in Garachico and they were keen to upgrade us at the airport with a more powerful car but that would make negotiating the narrow streets and finding a place to park much more difficult. We also used the buses locally and the service was excellent and very cheap.

Overall a really great holiday and somewhere we would definitely return to in the future.
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