Castell d'Emporda. 

Castell d'Emporda, s/n, La Bisbal.
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High on a hilltop, within sight of the sea, there is an imposing mediaeval castle called Castell d'Emporda. 700 years ago the castle belonged to Pere Margarit, a sea-captain who sailed with Christopher Columbus. Today it is a unique hotel, stylish but casual, owned by Albert Diks.

Thick stone walls and ancient timbers are everywhere at Castell d'Emporda, and nowhere more so than in the bar, that is formed in the ancient cellars of the castle. This is a relaxing and unique spot for enjoying fine wines, elegant cocktails and cigars.

All 35 rooms are individually decorated, featuring silks from India and furniture imported from Italy, Morocco, Africa and China. Every one has a lovely view. The Castle Rooms are located in the original part of the castle. They are tastefully decorated with Indian silk curtains and pillows in red, blue and mother-of-pearl colours, Chinese wood panels and hand-made bathroom tiles from Marrakech, all of which combine harmoniously with the rustic mediaeval stone walls. The views over the rolling pine-covered hills are breathtaking. The Garden Rooms are in a superb new building constructed in sympathetic style alongside the castle. It is situated next to the pool and has its own roof garden. All these rooms have antique oak floorboards, silk curtains, Italian and Chinese furniture, and private balconies from which one can enjoy stunning sunsets.The Tower Rooms are located, unsurprisingly, in the tower. These are intimate rooms, just right for romantic lovers. The Pere Margarit Suite is found right in the heart of the castle. This was the original master bedroom that has been beautifully restored with stained glass windows, Victorian bathtub and yet more Indian silks. New for 2007 are the large Garden Suites, specially decorated by the renowned interior designer Cristina Gabas in a style that is contemporary, yet with classical touches.

Castell d'Empordà is the ideal place to discover Catalonia. The rolling hills and picturesque villages are a pleasure to explore. There are outstanding walks, hikes and bike routes, as well as a wide range of possibilities for sports and culture. The Pyrenees are just around the corner and the area is a golfers' paradise with 9 golf courses on hand. And don't forget the beaches! All the swimming, sunbathing, relaxation and watersports of the Costa Brava are just 20 minutes away.

Free WiFi
Heated Swimming Pool (May till October)
Heated Outdoor Jacuzzi
Car Park
Free WiFi
En‑suite bathroom

We Say

How can a castle be both imposing and intimate at the same time? I don't really know, but Castell d'Emporda manages to achieve it. Perhaps it's really down to the warm personality of its present on-site owner and his friendly staff.

A Word from the Owner

Have you ever fallen in love with a place? This is what happened to me when I came face-to-face with the ruins of the 800 year-old Castell d'Emporda. After a 3 year restoration it is now a unique spot where you can enjoy the beautiful things of life.

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