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Mallorca Largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca (also spelt Majorca) has been attracting artists, writers and musicians for years; and while many visitors may never move off the beach for an entire fortnight, they are missing out on all Mallorca has to offer. Palma, the capital of both Mallorca and the Balearic Islands, is an attractive and fashionable city which lies on the south west coast in the beautiful Bahía de Palma.... READ MORE
Little Hotels in Spain, Mallorca

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Finca Son Jorbo

Finca Son Jorbo, Porreres

The little hotel Finca Son Jorbo is a 17th century country house set in 10 acres on an idyllic hillside location with views over the Mallorcan countryside, and the mountains beyond.
Guest Rating: 10.0/10
Double rooms from £ 106 (inc tax) Special Offer!
Hotel La Moraleja

Hotel La Moraleja, Cala San Vicente

Boutique Hotel La Moraleja is a luxurious small hotel tucked away in the beautiful Cala San Vicente on the rugged northern tip of Mallorca.
Guest Rating: 9.2/10
Double rooms from £ 171 (inc tax)
Fowlers Hotel

Fowlers Hotel, Cala d'Or

Fowlers Hotel in the old part of Cala d'Or, was built in 1959. It's a hotel that takes you back to a time when foreign places were exotic and foreign travel was for the exclusive few.
Guest Rating: 9.0/10
Double rooms from £ 44 (inc tax)
Hotel Dalt Murada

Hotel Dalt Murada, Palma de Mallorca

A restored manorial house right in the centre of the old quarter of the city of Palma de Mallorca.
Guest Rating: 7.9/10
Double rooms from £ 80 (inc tax) Special Offers!
Bennoc Petit Hotel

Bennoc Petit Hotel, Llucmayor

Bennoc Petit Hotel has a history that goes right back to the 12th century, yet is now a hotel that is bang up-to-date in all the best ways. Everything is impeccably presented.
Guest Rating: 9.5/10

Son Amoixa Vell

Son Amoixa Vell, Manacor

A gorgeous luxury hotel in Mallorca near Porto Cristo. An oasis for those who want to immerse themselves in total relaxation.
Guest Rating: 9.1/10
Double rooms from £ 122 (inc tax) Special Offer!
Can Furios Hotel

Can Furios Hotel, Binibona

Imagine yourself a guest at Can Furios, one of the finest country house hotels in the Balearic Islands.
Guest Rating: 9.7/10
Double rooms from £ 122 (inc tax)
The Sea Club

The Sea Club, Cala Ratjada

The Sea Club is a small villa-style hotel right on the water's edge in Cala Ratjada, Mallorca.
Guest Rating: 9.1/10
Double rooms from £ 87 (inc tax)
Son Siurana

Son Siurana, Alcudia

Son Siurana provides spacious, stylish holiday accommodation in a gorgeous Mallorcan rural setting.
Guest Rating: 9.2/10
Double rooms from £ 84 (inc tax)
Petit Hotel de Valldemossa

Petit Hotel de Valldemossa, Valldemossa

Es Petit Hotel de Valldemossa is a little family hotel situated in the stunning mountain village of Valldemossa, near the north-west coast of Mallorca.
Guest Rating: 9.7/10
Double rooms from £ 79 (inc tax)
Hotel Son Julia

Hotel Son Julia, Llucmajor

Hotel Son Julia is a beautiful 15th century manor house that has been turned into a fabulous boutique hotel, full of space and luxury.
Guest Rating: 9.1/10
Double rooms from £ 167 (inc tax) Special Offer!
Finca Son Llado

Finca Son Llado, Campos

Son Llado is both a hotel and a working farm, offering guests the comfort of their own apartment, especially suitable for families.
Guest Rating: 9.5/10
From £ 92 (inc tax)
Hotel Sant Jaume

Hotel Sant Jaume, Alcudia

Hotel Sant Jaume is located in the old town of Alcudia where it has been carefully renovated without losing any of its original grace.
Guest Rating: 9.8/10
Double rooms from £ 84 (inc tax)
Hotel L'Escaleta

Hotel L'Escaleta, Andratx

Hotel L'Escaleta is a delightful, converted village schoolhouse with stunning views and comfortable accommodation. The friendly atmosphere and care is a special plus.
Guest Rating: 9.5/10
Double rooms from £ 65 (inc tax)
Hotel Finca Cas Sant

Hotel Finca Cas Sant, Soller

Finca Cas Sant is a little rural hotel, bringing peace and tranquillity to its guests yet also a place for the growing of organic fruit and produce. Just 3km from the beach.
Guest Rating: 9.4/10
Double rooms from £ 91 (inc tax) Special Offers!
Sa Pedrissa

Sa Pedrissa, Deia

In the heart of Mallorca's northern mountain range is Hotel Sa Pedrissa, a 17th century rural estate set between the sea and the mountains.
Guest Rating: 9.0/10
Double rooms from £ 141 (inc tax)
Petit Hotel Son Arnau

Petit Hotel Son Arnau, Selva

Luxurious Petit Hotel Son Arnau is perfectly positioned in the heart of authentic Mallorca.
Guest Rating: 9.7/10
Double rooms from £ 98 (inc tax)
Agroturisme Son Pons

Agroturisme Son Pons, Buger

Hotel Son Pons is a bastion of charming rusticity blended with comfortable luxury, set in peaceful Mallorca countryside but not far from the resort of Alcudia.
Guest Rating: 8.9/10
Double rooms from £ 90 (inc tax)
Fornalutx Petit Hotel

Fornalutx Petit Hotel, Fornalutx

Fornalutx Petit Hotel is a jewel of old rural Mallorquin architecture, set in a tiny village with spectacular mountain views.
Guest Rating: 8.2/10
Double rooms from £ 119 (inc tax) Special Offers!
Hotel Finca Es Castell

Hotel Finca Es Castell, Binibona

Hotel Finca Es Castell is a paragon of rustic chic, a riotous tumble of stone buildings making up a little 12 room hotel that burrows itself into the hillside.
Guest Rating: 9.7/10
Double rooms from £ 114 (inc tax)
Sa Rota En Palerm

Sa Rota En Palerm, Lloret de Vistalegre

Hotel Sa Rota d'en Palerm sits right in the very heart of Mallorca, far away from the towns and tourist resorts. The old house and its courtyard of outbuildings have been adapted to pro
Guest Rating: 9.6/10
Double rooms from £ 108 (inc tax) Special Offer!
Son Ametler

Son Ametler, Binibona

Conveniently situated for the north and west coasts of Mallorca, Son Ametler is a country boutique hotel of impeccable taste, with discreet but attentive service.
Guest Rating: 9.8/10
Double rooms from £ 118 (inc tax)
Hotel Ses Rotges

Hotel Ses Rotges, Cala Ratjada

This 200 year-old Mallorcan finca is the soul of Ses Rotges, situated close to the harbour in Cala Ratjada and just a few minutes walk from Son Moll beach.
Guest Rating: 9.1/10

Villa L'Escaleta

Villa L'Escaleta, Andratx

Villa L'Escaleta is a delightful, 5 bedroom village house with stunning views and comfortable accommodation.
Guest Rating: 9.5/10

Cas Ferrer Nou Hotelet

Cas Ferrer Nou Hotelet, Alcudia

Cas Ferrer Nou Hotelet is a tiny exclusive hotel that is a prime example of avant gard design. Located in the town of Alcudia, Mallorca.
Guest Rating: 9.6/10
Double rooms from £ 91 (inc tax)
Palacio Ca Sa Galesa

Palacio Ca Sa Galesa, Palma de Mallorca

Palacio Ca Sa Galesa is a 5 star hotel that combines the best of antique furnishings and finishes with a completely personalised service.
Guest Rating: 9.0/10
Double rooms from £ 171 (inc tax) Special Offers!
Finca Son Gener

Finca Son Gener, Son Servera

Finca Son Gener is a luxurious country hotel with ten junior suites in Mallorca.
Guest Rating: 9.3/10
Double rooms from £ 224 (inc tax)
Font Santa Hotel

Font Santa Hotel, Campos

Adults-only hotel, so peace and tranquility are assured. Close to nature reserves and a stunning beach.
Guest Rating: 9.2/10
Double rooms from £ 144 (inc tax)
Can Isabel

Can Isabel, Soller

Hotel Can Isabel is a romantic little town house built in the 19th century in the centre of the village of Soller, now restored into a 6 room hotel.
Guest Rating: 9.1/10
Double rooms from £ 96 (inc tax)
Son Bernadinet

Son Bernadinet, Campos

Son Bernadinet is a small exclusive hotel that offers visitors a warm welcome and a friendly air of tranquillity and well-being.
Guest Rating: 9.3/10
Double rooms from £ 163 (inc tax)
La Posada del Marques

La Posada del Marques, Esporles

The luxury 4 star hotel La Posada del Marques lies in a fold of the Tramuntana mountains of Majorca where it offers spectacular views of the Es Verger valley.
Guest Rating: 8.3/10
Double rooms from £ 136 (inc tax)
Son Sant Jordi

Son Sant Jordi, Pollensa

We find Hotel Son Sant Jordi in the little square of Sant Jordi, right in the village centre of Pollensa.
Guest Rating: 8.2/10
Double rooms from £ 58 (inc tax) Special Offers!
Finca Can Duvai

Finca Can Duvai, Son Servera

A little rural hotel in a 16th century manor house on the east coast of Mallorca. Fabulous gardens and an extensive estate.
Guest Rating: 8.4/10
Double rooms from £ 76 (inc tax) Special Offers!
Hotel Sa Galera

Hotel Sa Galera, Ca's Concos

Hotel Sa Galera is a wonderful little hotel in the Mallorca countryside close to the beaches and calas in the south-east corner of the island.
Guest Rating: 8.0/10
Double rooms from £ 99 (inc tax) Special Offer!
Galeon Suites

Galeon Suites, Puerto Pollensa

An exclusive aparthotel right on the edge of the Mediterranean at Puerto Pollensa.
Guest Rating: 9.0/10
Double rooms from £ 57 (inc tax) Special Offers!
Hotel Son Simo Vell

Hotel Son Simo Vell, near Alcudia

On the outside Hotel Son Simo Vell is a classic Mallorcan finca, a typically rustic stone building surrounded by trees and fields. Inside though, it is a paragon of minimalist modernity.
Guest Rating: 9.1/10
Double rooms from £ 117 (inc tax)
Finca Son Palou

Finca Son Palou, Orient

Hotel Son Palou is a pretty rural hotel set on top of a hill with great views of the Orient Valley.
Guest Rating: 9.5/10
Double rooms from £ 110 (inc tax)
Hotel Son Mas

Hotel Son Mas, Porto Cristo

Son Mas is a small country hotel at the heart of an ancient family estate of 50 acres, some 5 km from Porto Cristo.
Guest Rating: 8.5/10
Double rooms from £ 198 (inc tax)
Mirabo de Valldemossa

Mirabo de Valldemossa, Valldemossa

Hotel Mirabo de Valldemossa is the result of the careful restoration of a 16th century finca, resulting in the creation of this small, luxurious hotel in the mountains near Valldemossa.
Guest Rating: 9.1/10
Double rooms from £ 144 (inc tax)
Cas Comte Petit Hotel and Spa

Cas Comte Petit Hotel and Spa, Lloseta

At the foot of the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains, you will find the Petit Hotel Ca's Comte, standing between the magnificent Ayamans Palace and Lloseta church.
Guest Rating: 8.6/10
Double rooms from £ 96 (inc tax) Special Offers!
Villa Alcanada

Villa Alcanada, Puerto Alcudia

Villa Alcanada is a spacious villa for holiday rental near Alcudia, ideally positioned on a hillside facing the sea.
From £ 456 (inc tax)
Convent de La Missio

Convent de La Missio, Palma de Mallorca

Convent de la Missio is an elegant hotel tucked away in Palma's old quarter, right next door to the church of the same name.
Guest Rating: 8.2/10

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