Finca Son Llado. 

Cami de Palmer, Km 2,300, Campos.
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Availability, room rates and reservations are provided by our partners at Please help us keep our website totally free by always starting your booking from here.

Son Lladó is both holiday accommodation for visitors and a working farm of 28 acres, offering guests the comfort of their own apartment (accommodating from 2 to 7 people) in a location that fully justifies the term "agroturismo". The farm is run by the original owners who also personally take care of your stay.

The farm was built during the 17th century and continues to retain all the original charm and character of its period: stone walls, arched ceilings and a mix of internal decorations that provide it with an unmistakable style and identity. The reception, lounge, sitting room and dining room are located in the building that owner Pep charmingly refers to as "The Peasant's House", though really this is anything but peasant accommodation. Just outside there is a line of wood-burning ovens which are regularly used to prepare meals and barbecues by guests.

The five spacious apartments have been converted from the stable, granary and cow-house, and they are each designed to make the fullest use of the beautiful exposed stone walls and other old features. Each one has a dining room, kitchen, full bathroom and private terrace.The two bedroom apartments have two en-suites and therefore are just as suitable for two couples of friends as for a family. With such facilities, guests have the opportunity to self-cater, use all the restaurant facilities of the hotel, or follow any in-between path they may choose. They are well separated from each other to maximise privacy and tranquillity.

As well as being perfectly located close to the beaches of the south coast, the calas of the east coast and the lovely city of Palma, Son Lladó offer rural pleasures that few others can match. Children from 3 to 83 can enjoy visiting the small farm animals and taking horse, donkey or cart rides.

Even the comfort of guest's cars is well catered for, with covered parking in a place that was once the home of tractors and agricultural implements.

Son Llado is working hard to provide the guests' comfort in a sustainable and ecological manner. Waste materials are recycled, water is heated by solar panels (with enough heat left over in spring and autumn to extend the season of the swimming pool), and a rainwater collection and storage system provides sufficient supply for irrigation of the gardens and farm and washing of the terraces, animals, vehicles and so on.

Restaurant (limited service)
Sitting Room
Chlorine‑free swimming pool
Honesty bar (on the terrace)
Bicycles (free)
Cart rides
Car parking
Internet availability
Satellite TV
Air conditioning and heating
Full kitchen
Living room with wood stove
Private bathroom
Private terrace

We Say

Could this truly be the best of both worlds? Comfortable accommodation with all the conveniences you might require. And a stay on a working farm. Self-catering, when you want to. Breakfast and (occasionally) dinner in the restaurant, if you prefer. Be sure to book early though, because Son Lladó fills up very quickly.

A Word from the Owner

Welcome to Son Lladó. Come join us and succumb to the traditions of the Mallorcan life-style, allowing you to experience just why Mallorca is known as "La Isla de Calma" (the island of tranquillity).

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