Little Hotels

in the Canaries


Long sandy beaches, blue waters and a consistently pleasant climate make Fuerteventura a perfect year-round destination.

Gran Canaria

So much to see and do!


Barely a day without sunshine, and the most amazing volcanic scenery.

La Palma

La Isla Bonita; the Beautiful Island.


Volcanic mountains, sandy beaches and balmy winters.

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Reasons to visit the Canaries

Less than four hours flying time from the UK and northern Europe, the Canary Islands are the easiest way to indulge in a little winter sunshine. In summer, the weather gets even better, yet it's "low season" then, so the prices get even better too.

The seven islands of the Canaries are the tips of under-sea mountains projecting up four miles from the ocean floor. Every island clearly reveals it's volcanic origin, though volcanic activity today is limited to the occasional hot spring. The high mountains of the interiors provide spectacular scenery, cooler temperatures and amazingly clear air that is a magnet for walkers, cyclists and the world's top astronomers.

Although each island has it's own character, there are plenty of things that are common to all. The volcanic rocks and soil (especially on Lanzarote and Tenerife) create unique landscapes. In some areas this in turn has led to unique methods of agriculture which are as much an attraction as the wilder parts. Other parts of the islands, generally the valleys, are lush and green with an abundance of semi-tropical vegetation and wildlife.

Around the coasts, sandy beaches alternate with rocky bays and high cliffs. There's something for everyone.