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Reasons to visit the Italian Riviera

Some people call it the Italian Riviera while others refer to the Ligurian Coast. This is the crescent-shaped strip of Mediterranean coastline between France and Tuscany. It is characterised by a rocky coast with high cliffs plunging down into the sea, frequently interrupted small coves, picturesque villages and beaches of fine golden sand.

At the eastern end there is the Cinque Terre fishing villages clinging precariously to the cliffs, contrasted with the pizzazz and nightlife of Portofino. There are also Santa Margherita, Rapallo, Sestri Levante and Baia del Silenzio (Bay of Silence).

The western end of the Italian Riviera is a little less precipitous as it blends gradually towards the French Riviera. San Remo is a city famous for the Italian Music Festival and its casino. Alassio has nearly 2 miles of fine sandy beach. There are numerous other little towns and villages, each with its own character.

The Ligurian Sea surprisingly attracts sperm whales, rorquals and dolphins, in an area known as the “Sanctuary of Cetaceans”. The extensive woods of inland Liguria with their centuries-old trees, are an excellent alternative to traditional tourism on the coast.

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