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Reasons to visit Extremadura

In the far west of Spain, bordering Portugal, lies the little-known region of Extremadura. Here the landscape is much greener and mountainous and there are several nature reserves including protected areas where rare flora and fauna can be seen; the Monfrague Natural Park is renowned for its amazing birds of prey and is popular with birdwatchers.

The capital of the region is Merida, an important Roman city with many fine examples of Roman architecture including a Roman bridge, now used as a footbridge and the remains of aqueducts, a theatre and amphitheatre.

Cáceres, is another town worth visiting, especially its old quarter, enclosed by Moorish walls and great watch towers. Within the walls there are winding cobbled streets and many perfectly preserved Renaissance mansions and palaces and beyond the walls, steps lead down to the Plaza Mayor the main focus for entertainment in the town.

Other places to visit are the charming town of Trujillo, birthplace of the conquistador, Francisco Pizarro and Plasencia a good base for exploring the natural delights of northern Extremadura.

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