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Reasons to visit the West of Ireland

There is a raw beauty to Ireland's wild Atlantic coast as it winds it's way down from Donegal all the way to Cork. Unimaginably beautiful when the sun beams down across the blue sea, it reveals an altogether different character when the clouds come lower and the Atlantic swell roars in. You could see the same view a thousand times, and it would be different every time. This is the magic of the west coast of Ireland.

There's diving, surfing, boating and swimming to be done in the waters, and the deep bays are surprisingly sheltered. It's a coast for walking and cycling too, with spectacular views everywhere. The famous Cliffs of Moher rise vertically out of the water to over 200m. Yet they can be surpassed by the less famous Slieve League in Donegal which are more than three times as high. Further south are Dingle, the Ring of Kerry, Kenmare and Bantry Bay, all blessed with a wealth of rich history and culture.

Beyond the coast there's much more to see. The mountains of Ireland are not large by world standards, but size isn't everything. They are numerous, beautiful and rugged.  Energetic visitors might want to climb to the top of Croagh Patrick, while others might opt for a pony and trap ride up the Gap of Dunloe beneath the peaks of McGillicuddy's Reeks.

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