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Newsletter, November 2019

Sardinia getting towards the quietest time of the year now, or at least it should be. Not many people going on holiday, and not many people booking either (even though now is a good time for getting the best choices and the possibility of Early Booking discounts). There's still plenty to keep us occupied though....READ MORE

Discovering Venice

Venice, Rialto, gondoliersI have a confession to make: until I visited Venice I had no idea it was so special! That probably makes me incredibly naive, a philistine even. But once I saw it, I was completely bowled over. From the tiny "Don't Look Now" alleyways to the magnificence of the Rialto Bridge, Venice is utterly amazing.....READ MORE

Riviera - Such an Evocative Word

Italian RivieraRiviera" seems to convey so much more sophistication and glamour than just "the seaside". But where does the word come from? Surprisingly perhaps, it's not French.....READ MORE

Newsletter, August 2019

altFor years, Little Hotels specialised solely in Spain and the Spanish islands so inevitably we are still best known for carefully chosen small hotels in Spain. Now that we are covering hotels in a few other countries too, we offer a much wider choice for your next holiday. Let's look at a few of the places that we recommend.....READ MORE

Resisting the Hard Sell at the Car Hire Desk

car rentalMany years ago we took a family holiday to Florida. Our hire car was all pre-booked and paid for. Yet when I reached the pickup desk I was told that I should take out their extra (super-expensive) insurance because the CDW wasn’t enough. I was tired after an 8 hour flight, the family were restless and wanted to get going, so I reluctantly paid up....READ MORE

Newsletter, June 2019

The 25 Boutique B&BThere have been some big changes recently at Little Hotels. We have combined with Best Small Hotels so Little Hotels now covers not just Spain, but the best small hotels in the UK, Ireland, France and Italy as well. Our philosophy remains unchanged; to bring you quality, charm, character and service from the little hotels that we would want to ....READ MORE

Alternative City Break Ideas in Spain

Valencia When you think of city breaks in Spain, your first thought is probably places like Barcelona and Madrid; however, Spain is home to so many wonderful places that it’d be a shame to not explore the possibilities of other beautiful towns and cities.....READ MORE

Cala de Benirrás, the sound of drums

Cala Benirras Our friends at Can Planells have provided some great information about a beautiful bay and beach local their hotel on Ibiza. Cala Benirràs beach is blessed by the western sun and lies just a ten-minute drive from Sant Miquel de Balansat, nestled in a stunning and hushed location.....READ MORE