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A Unique Concept on Lanzarote

Eco Village Finca de ArrietaThe Eco Village Finca de Arrieta is such a brilliant idea that we wonder why it hasn't been copied elsewhere. Set in rural surroundings only 300 metres from the beach of Arrieta,....READ MORE

Cinque Terre

Cinque TerreTerms such as ‘best-kept secret’ or ‘hidden gem’ in tourism seem somewhat ironic, as the very fact that someone has elected to write about such a place indicates either that it has garnered enough plaudits to be written or talked about before, or at the very least that they are about to let the cat out of the bag.....READ MORE

Exmoor - A Few Ideas

Exmoor poniesExmoor is one of Britain's smallest national parks, but none the worse for that! Straddling North Devon and west Somerset and bordering the Bristol Channel, it has scenery, wildlife and interest in abundance.....READ MORE

Things to See and Do Around Málaga

Costa del SolThe Costa del Sol is pretty much where modern tourism began in Spain. The term was coined in 1930 as the cult of sunbathing first appeared, but tourism really took off in the 1960s with the advent of popular air travel. However to think that the Costa del Sol is just a place for lazing on the beach could not be further from the truth.....READ MORE

Seven Natural Swimming Pools in Spain

El You ClarWe first realised the special pleasures of fresh-water swimming on Corsica, but here are seven natural swimming pools (amongst many, many others) in Spain.....READ MORE

Marine Wildlife

DolphinsTo us here in the UK (and that's most of our website visitors) we can be pretty blasé about our own wildlife while thinking that the animals in other countries are more "exotic". I would put a lot of that down to familiarity as deer, foxes and badgers are a great sight in their natural setting. So where do we find the "exotic" close to home?....READ MORE

New Hotels and Villas (Mar 2023)

Menorcamar ApartmentsFinding new hotels, villas and apartments that tick all of our boxes is not always easy, but here are a few places that have been added recently.....READ MORE

Cornish Harbours

CadgwithCornwall is the ideal holiday spot for almost everyone. There are long, sandy, family-friendly beaches, wild moors, the raw industrial grandeur of engine houses, fabulous walking routes on the South-West Coast path, and quaint fishing harbours.....READ MORE

Live Testing Travel Insurance

Travel InsuranceIt's one of the ironies of buying any insurance, that you have no idea of the quality of the product when you buy. Therefore it's very easy to be drawn into buying on price alone. Well, this past Christmas gave us the opportunity to subject the travel insurance product that we recommend to a real-life test.....READ MORE

The Canary Islands

Walking on TenerifeThe seven islands of the Canaries are the tips of under-sea mountains projecting up four miles from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. Each island has it's own unique character, so let's step forward and take a look.....READ MORE

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