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in Scotland

The Highlands and Islands

Magnificent scenery ..... everywhere!

The Scottish Lowlands

The area that extends from the English border up to the two greatest Scottish cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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Reasons to visit Scotland

Scotland is famous the world over for whisky, bagpipes and kilts. But there is much more to Scotland than that, most notably SCENERY!

The wild mountains of the Highlands are a paradise for hikers, mountain-bikers and horse-riders, but you don't have to be that energetic. Just drive the uncrowded roads, admire the amazing landscapes at every turn and stop wherever you want to take in the view. Park up a while or take a stroll, as the ever-changing light creates ever-changing vistas.

In a rugged landscape, the west coast is the most rugged of all with deep sea lochs and islands. Hop from one place to the other via the bridges, ferries and causeways and enjoy yet more of the amazing scenery. The west coast of course is the home to all the most famous whisky distilleries so it would be a shame not to visit one or two, enjoy the tour and sample the product at the end.

All over this vast landscape you will find castles, ancient monuments, the stone circles and villages of neolithic and iron-age peoples, famous battlefields and old traditions. This is also the best place in the British Isles to see many of our native species: red deer, red squirrels, Scottish wild cats, golden eagles, ospreys, capercaillies, gannets, puffins, seals and dolphins to name just a few.

Scotland is the original home of golf, so it's hardly surprising that golfers come from all over the world to experience the sport at it's most authentic. This is also a country made for exploration and adventure. From mountain-biking down rugged slopes to kayaking around the shoreline, following an aerial assault course through the treetops to sailing the thousands of bays and islands along the coast, hiking over the mountains to pony-trekking in the glens, there's something for everyone.

Glasgow and Edinburgh are the two biggest cities in Scotland. Edinburgh is famous for the Edinburgh Festival, the Royal Mile, the Palace of Holyroodhouse and shopping on Prince's Street, but Glasgow has it's offerings too, with fascinating museums, diverse art galleries and creative spaces aplenty. They are both cities not to be missed.