Little Hotels in Sardinia

Villa Nicoletta

, Porto Pozzo

An immaculate rural Bed & Breakfast close to the sea at Porto Pozzo.

Guest rating 9.7

Sa Cruxitta

, Portoscuso

A stylish modern B&B, with a pretty garden, a view of the marina and islands and the sound of the sea.

Guest rating 9.7

Suimi's Hotel

, Villasimius

A modern small 3 star hotel with a swimming pool and easy access to several beaches. It's also conveniently close to Cagliari.

Guest rating 9.8

Sandalia Boutique Hotel

, Cannigione

Designer luxury centred around a terrace and infinity pool, with views of the Costa Smeralda.

Guest rating 9.6

Geco di Giada Art Suites

, Porto Rotondo

An exclusive art guesthouse, a paragon of design, overlooking the marina and the coast at Porto Rotondo.

Guest rating 9.4

Hotel La Bitta

, Àrbatax

A small luxury hotel with restaurant swimming pool and spa, right on the beach at Porto Frailes Bay.

Guest rating 9.3

Residenza Rio Molas

, Muravera

A rambling country hotel in a natural garden, enjoying a panoramic view of the Sardinian coast and beaches.

Guest rating 9.5


, Siniscola

A small group of apartments with a superb pool and terrace overlooking fields and hills, and with a distant sea view.

Guest rating 9.2

Castello Malicas

, Galtellì

A mock medieval castle mounted high on a rocky outcrop with extensive views from the panoramic terrace.

Guest rating 9.1

Hotel Eliantos

, Pula

A luxurious modern little hotel centred around the swimming pool and deck area. Just a short walk to the beach at Santa Margherita di Pula.

Guest rating 9.2
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Reasons to visit Sardinia

Sun, sea, sand and history meet on the island of Sardinia. As a summer and beach destination it is right up there with the best, most famously on the Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast). All around the coast of Sardinia there are glorious beaches with fine sand and crystal clear turquoise water perfect for swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing or simply doing nothing. Some beaches are peaceful and filled with nothing but nature. Others wake up as the sun goes down to reveal a whole new facet of their existence, with bars , restaurants and a jet-set nightlife.

Sardinia has a long, long history and it starts with the amazing 7000 prehistoric sites, the most notable being Su Nuraxi. Ancient Greeks and Phoenicians were here and left their mark, before they were followed by the Romans. Like in every part of the old Roman empire, there are some remarkable archaeological sites, preserved by the warm, dry climate. The island has been touched and conquered by just about every empire that has existed since Roman times but Sardinia has retained its own character. Today this shows through in the folklore and annual festivals that feature in every town and village.

Sardinian gastronomy is not a single entity, as there are many variations from area to area. Like anywhere in Italy though, pasta features strongly and maialetto (roasted piglet) is pretty universal too. There are local cheeses, fresh seafood, and panadas (pies) come in many forms, often with local specialities. The variety of viticultural areas results in an equal variety of Sardinian wines. Try Cannonau for a strong red wine, Carignano for it’s dry lingering flavour or Malvasia as a sweet wine to accompany desserts.

Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia. Special destinations in and around the city include the Cittadella dei Musei (Citadel of Museums), the ruins of Nora (an important archaeological site), the Nuraghe Arrubiu, the Caves of Is Zuddis, not to mention of course some lovely beaches.

Just off the northern tip of the island is the Maddalena Archipelago of seven main islands plus some smaller ones. They are notable for numerous sandy beaches and rocky coves, all ideal for beach-lovers, snorkellers and divers. This was where Garibaldi spent his exile (there are worse places to be incarcerated!) so visitors to the islands can also visit the Garibaldi Museum.

There is so much to discover. We can’t possibly list everything here, and no-one can possibly do justice to the island in one visit. It just demands a return.

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