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Reasons to visit St Lucia

St Lucia is a beautiful Caribbean oasis with some of the best weather and luxuriant vegetation in the world. The climate is hot and tropical, tempered by welcome trade winds during most of the year.

As the island is home to enchanting little towns, stunning beaches and bays and countless banana plantations, you won’t be at a loss for St Lucia activities during your stay. Here are some of our top picks:

The Pitons: A spectacular landmark of St Lucia visible for miles, Petit Piton and Gros Piton are twin volcanic spires majestically soaring out of the sea with waves crashing around their bases. A great way to see them is from the water, so take a boat trip to the Pitons. If you come from the land side, take the opportunity to visit the rainforest trails and the Enbas Saut Falls.

Soufriere Sulphur Springs: Soufriere town is located in the caldera of a dormant volcano and the surrounding area is geo-thermally active. A walk around the sulphur springs and fumaroles is a great way to get up close and personal with the forces of nature that created St Lucia.

Castries: The capital city is centred around a harbour, which just happens to occupy the crater of an extinct volcano. The public market is one of the most mesmerising places in the West Indies. Sample numerous varieties of bananas, pick up handcrafted items such as pottery and baskets or simply soak up the culture. Be sure to check out Derek Walcott Square during your time in Castries; it is an area steeped in history and beauty.

Pigeon Island National Historic Park: This is St Lucia’s first national park and is joined to the mainland by a causeway. The west coast of the park boasts two incredible white sand beaches that are a must-see. Stop by Jambe de Bois, an eclectic restaurant serving local fare, or simply soak up the natural beauty, wildlife and landscape of this beautiful park. There are also numerous historic ruins, barracks and more that are well-worth exploring.

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