Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge. 

Km 17 Carretera de la Costa, Barahona, Dominican Republic.
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Availability, room rates and reservations are provided by our partners at Please help us keep our website totally free by always starting your booking from here.

Casa Bonita is a luxury lodge hotel situated on a hilltop surrounded by tropical forests and it boasts breathtaking views over the Caribbean Sea. At its centre there is an infinity pool surrounded by generous terraces with sunshades and loungers.

Tanama Eco Spa is set in the woods with the river running by. The therapeutic treatments on offer are bound by natural elements like coffee, chocolate, coconut, basil, bamboo, noni, mango, and pineapple. A unique treatment at Casa Bonita uses the combination of hot and cold “Ciba Azul” stones.

The innovative cuisine in Casa Bonita’s restaurant reflects the practice of supporting the use of produce from the local community and using ingredients from their very own Pat’s Organic Garden. The garden was named after its designer, American horticulturist Pat Kennedy. Based on all-organic methods, Pat’s Organic Garden contributes to Casa Bonita’s commitment to sustainability and provides a unique farm-to-table dining experience. For a complete agro-tourism experience, guests may even take part in the harvesting of organic vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Breakfast starts with a selection of juices and shakes, bread, cereals fruit and maybe some pancakes. Then the main course offers omelette, eggs, ham, cheese, eggs benedict or the special Dominican breakfast with mangú and fried cheese. The lunch menu includes a fantastic choice of salads, meat and fish and dinner follows that theme with an even more comprehensive menu that includes some Dominican classics as well as more familiar dishes.

The restaurant is open air to enjoy the cooling breezes of the sea, with lounge and bar areas alongside.

Deluxe Guest Rooms feature white linens and walls accented with palm wood and wicker furnishings. They are arranged to have views of both the sea and the Sierra Barahuco mountains. Each one has a balcony to enjoy the views, a kingsize or large twin beds, air conditioning, television, safe, minibar and organic toiletries in the bathroom.

The best view of the Caribbean Sea is available in the Ocean View Suite, where there is over 100 sqm of luxury. There is a comfortable lounge and a broad sweeping terrace with a private plunge pool. By contrast, the River Suites are nestled against the trees with views over the Rio Sito. They include a distinctive modern decor with copious wood, a big private terrace and a private jacuzzi pool.

The strategic location of Casa Bonita means all sorts of activities are available on-site or nearby. There’s hiking, water sports, tennis yoga, mountain-biking as well as the lodge’s own Canopy Tour where you can glide through the treetops high above the ground. Not far away, there are river trails, snorkelling, guided tours of the nearby National Parks, various nearby beaches, boat trips, Las Aguilas Bay, Oviedo Lagoon and Lake Enriquillo.

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