Geco di Giada Art Suites. 

Sa Matta Poderada 12A, Porto Rotondo.
Availability, room rates and reservations are provided by our partners at Please help us keep our website totally free by always starting your booking from here.
Availability, room rates and reservations are provided by our partners at Please help us keep our website totally free by always starting your booking from here.

This exclusive art guesthouse in Porto Rotondo is a unique place to spend a holiday. Each of the six guest suites has been designed by an artist exclusively for Geco di Giada. Nothing, absolutely nothing, anywhere in the house is “ordinary”.

The villa-style guesthouse stands in gardens of 3000 square metres. In front there is a large terrace with a swimming pool and a direct view over Porto Rotondo and the harbour there. Behind the villa, there is a rocky hillside garden filled with junipers, fruit trees and statuesque cacti. Two paved paths extend across the garden, one leading to the Charming Flamingo wellness area where guests can enjoy massages and relaxing treatments in the shade of the gazebo. The other leads to the Peacock’s Nest panoramic bar where guest’s can enjoy a cocktail and take in the view.

Geckos On Juniper is the large verandah on the front of the villa where breakfast is served each day. Breakfasts are typically Italian with croissants, pastries, fresh bread with all manner of toppings. Then there’s fresh fruit, yoghurt, fruit juices and local cold meats and cheeses. As a little extra, the chef will prepare a tailor-made breakfast adding in such things as sweet or savoury omelettes and pancakes.

Six different animals, five different designers, six very different rooms:

The Naughty Octopus suite by Nicola Rota has a king-size bed and a private terrace with sea view, as well as all the luxuries you would expect in any suite.

Fiery Flamingo is a large suite by Bob Marongiu with a 15 sqm living room and a private terrace with parasol and sunbeds. The decorative fireplace lights up at sunset and the suite features the Coral Flamingos artwork and a Sardinian mask over the fireplace.

Blissful Gecko by Paolo Anselmo is another large suite. The king size bed is dominated by an eccentric ceramic sculpture of a Gecko and there is a terrace giving access to the garden and pool.

The Shiny Jellyfish pool suite by Cloto Italy has an attached sitting room and a terrace with a rocking chair and direct access to the swimming pool.

Bohemian Bonito by Emmanuel Chapalain features a large painting of colourful tuna above the headboard. Once again it has a king size bed, a private terrace wit hsea view and all the luxuries.

Finally the Sumptuous Peacock master suite by Bob Marongiu has a huge private terrace with a sea view solarium and jacuzzi.

This stretch of the Sardinian coast is renowned for its exceptional beauty, spearheaded by Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo. The towns provide exclusive nightlife, top boutiques, elegant venues for cocktails and dinners and the impressive Yacht Club and marina. Just beyond there are white sand beaches in abundance and the chance to take a boat trip to the islands of the La Maddalena Archipelago.

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