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Alcudia is the part of the town housed within the old city walls, not to be confused with the modern port across the peninsula or the resort running down the coast south of the peninsula. Alcudia, Majorca A charming little town which is well worth a half day trip (perhaps combine with Can Picafort or some walking on the Alcudian peninsula for a full day trip), it is full of small side streets which are easy to get lost in, but then that’s half the fun. Some sections of the wall can be walked on, but beware with small children on here, the barriers won’t stop them for long. There is about 200-300m of walk with walking available, other wise on the southern and eastern side of the town is the main street where most shops and restaurants are located, either on the street or just off on one of the nearby side streets. As well as that there is a large shade open square, with plenty of space to chill, and has the usual accompany of bars and cafes. When we went they were getting ready for the fiesta, and the street were decorated with the white bunting you see everywhere for festivals, and mobiles on a nautical theme, which made for a very pleasant stroll around town.

It is also worth a walk around the town walls themselves, as there is some interesting sculptures and archaeological features on the outside of the wall. The port of Alcudia is not far to walk if you are interested, and is the modern working town within the area.

For accommodation in Alcudia, there is the charming Cas Ferrer Nou Hotelet and Sant Jaume. Alternatively, we have a large villa in Villa Alcanada in Puerto Alcudia. Or just a short distance inland is Son Siurana.

Can Picafort

If you like sea front walks then you’ll love this place, it just goes on and on, about 3km by my estimate, this resort is a fairly lively resort, although not as lively as its neighbour, the resort in Alcudia. There are long, good quality beaches to the north, and along the front intermittently. As per most resorts, the front is mainly restaurants, bars, supermarkets and shops. However the prices here are probably 20% less than Puerto Pollensa, so an option for a cheaper day if needed. The main shopping area of the resort is on the road just back from the front, which runs the whole length of the resort, and there is a good selection of shops apart from the usual tourist tat.


This is a 25 kilometre drive from Puerto Pollensa, up a good, if steep and tight road. Lluc, Majorca The journey up is worth it alone for the views of the mountains, however there are very view stopping places to take photos. You get great views to left of the mountains above Pollensa, as well as the coastal range to your right. As you gain the height towards the end of the drive, you get fantastic views of the Puig Major and the other 1000m+ mountains in the area. Once you get to Lluc there is a picnic area with a lot of big boulders for children or the child in you to mess about on, a cafe bar near the car park, and of course the main reason for coming up here the monastery. At the monastery there are two cafes and a gift shop. Entry to the monastery is free. There is also a museum you can visit at an extra cost of 4 euro.

You enter a passage into the central courtyard, which various statues on route, once here, the church is on your right, When you step into the building itself, it takes your breath away, it is a stunning sight, with the stained glass dome providing the perfect light for the full height altar at the front, and in the multiple alcoves each side of the church, many more smaller altars. The walls and ceiling are covered in amazing paintings, you have to see it to believe it. If you want to take photos in here, bring a tripod and use long exposure. A flash won’t reach most areas unless up close, and its too dim for handheld exposures.

There are also a couple of chapels behind the main church to visit as well, which a worth a wander through.

Lluc is also the base for a lot of the higher level walks around this area, I’ve mentioned some books and maps earlier in another article if you want to explore further.

There are plenty of Little Hotels within striking distance of Lluc:
Can Furios
Finca Es Castell
Son Ametler
Son Arnau
Son Palou
Fornalutx Petit Hotel
Finca Ca's Sant
Can Isabel
Son Pons

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Sean has also contributed blogs about Puerto de Pollensa and more places to visit in Mallorca.

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