Holidays in Mallorca

Spanish National Parks

There are sixteen National Parks in Spain, protecting and showcasing the immense geographical and biological variety of the country. They include everything from vast mountainous areas such as the Picos de Europa or Ordesa and Monte Perdido to over 200 lakes in Aigüestores i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park

Some of the World's Most Beautiful Villages

Big cities can feature some pretty impressive landmarks, but for the most spellbinding beauty we must turn to the small towns and villages that abound throughout the world. Here is our pick of some of the most delightful locations that should be on everyone's bucket list.
The great English designer William Morris once declared Bibury to be the most beautiful village in England.

The Summer Experience at The Sea Club

The Sea Club, if you are not already familiar, is like staying in an English house party in a large rambling private Mediterranean villa. From the last week of June to the first week of September The Sea Club becomes a very social and lively place with many return families and friends enjoying the vibrant atmosphere in the sun.
The laid back ambience is what The Sea Club is all about, once you have been you may never want to leave.

Swimming Pools Without Chlorine

We are so accustomed to the chlorine in a swimming pool that most times we barely notice it. It's only when we experience a non-chlorine pool that we realise just how much nicer it can be.
The main alternative to traditional chlorine is salt-water electrolysis. Although people usually describe this as a salt-water swimming pool, it's a bit of a misnomer as it's really nothing like swimming in sea water.

12 Fabulous Beaches in Spain

Spain and the Spanish islands have some of the most stunning beaches in the world. Move away from a few over-crowded resorts and you will find places that are a match for anything you could see in the Caribbean or the Indian Ocean.
White sand and turquoise water. Rugged, rocky shorelines. Long, long stretches of firm sand. And the occasional surprise.

Why We Keep Coming Back to Puerto Pollensa

Sarah Scott explains the allure of Mallorca for her young family.
I don’t know about you, but every year when my husband and I book our summer holiday we need to consider fun for the kids and relaxation, good food and wine for dad and mum. Lucky for us, they are still young enough to be entertained by simple holidays and we are not yet confined to resorts with summer activity camps and water parks.

The Catalan Language

4 million speakers out of the Spanish population of 45 million may not initially sound huge, but in those communities who do speak it, Catalan has a significant standing. A somewhat maligned language, it has a turbulent history which highlights the point of contention it long has been. Fundamentally though, despite the presence of other minority languages in Spain such as Basque and Galician, Catalan is the most prominent.Catalan is, to most of its speakers a very important sign of identity, som


To many people the image of Mallorca is drunken parties and over-crowded beaches in resorts like Magaluf and Arenal. But the more adventurous discover another side to Mallorca away from these areas. Towns like Soller and Valldemossa offer pretty streets and beautiful mountain views, interesting shops, bars and restaurants and a range of cultural attractions. There is however yet another Mallorca that is much less well known.

More Places to Visit in the North of Mallorca

We discovered this fantastic little town halfway through our holiday in Puerto Pollensa, and subsequently spent 3 afternoons there on the beach. The resort is enclosed in a rocky bay, with 2km of stunning 250m dead drop cliffs to the east (if you do the Boquer Valley walk then this is the ridge to your west). There are 3 beaches in the bay, all very small. The first beach as you come in on the main road was our favourite,

Places to Visit in the North of Mallorca

Alcudia is the part of the town housed within the old city walls, not to be confused with the modern port across the peninsula or the resort running down the coast south of the peninsula. A charming little town which is well worth a half day trip (perhaps combine with Can Picafort or some walking on the Alcudian peninsula for a full day trip),

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