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Newsletter, December 2020

Mallorca2020 has been a torrid year for everyone, but most especially for the hotel industry. We have been most impressed by the way our hotels have risen to the challenge: adapting, developing and in some cases using the enforced break for major renovations. We look forward to 2021 with optimism.....READ MORE

Road Racing on The Island

Isle of Man TTIn 2021, it may not be quite so clearcut when a motorcyclist says he will be racing on "the island". There is a plan being developed for motorcycle races on the Isle of Wight, that will be called the Diamond Races.....READ MORE

Newsletter, March 2020

ClovellyInevitably, this month is dominated by Coronavirus; and our Newsletter was overtaken by events even as it was going out. In the time it took to work through our mailing list, Government advice changed twice and the whole situation became much more serious. So for now, all we can do is look forward with optimism (or at least, hope) to the time when life becom....READ MORE

Helping Our Community

AAED Defibrillator map couple of recent incidents alerted us to the importance of acessing an AED (that's an automatic external defibrillator) very quickly if someone has suffered a cardiac arrest. Looking around, we realised that there was no definitive and accurate list of the defibrillators in our locality. So we decided to create our own. :....READ MORE

Beware The Law of Unintended Consequences!

Frustration!If you use an ad-blocker on your browser, be aware that it may interfere with the working of perfectly legitimate webpages.....READ MORE

Best Small Hotels in the UK

We love Spain (you may have noticed!). But we also love little hotels in other places too, especially when they are really, really good. So we have just launched a new website dedicated to only the best small hotels. Just so there is no confusion, we've called it Best Small Hotels and you'll find it at MORE

The Basque Language

I don’t know if there is a Basque-language edition of Scrabble, but there really should be........READ MORE

Brexit - Bad for Travellers?

If only we could capture all the hot air being expended by the Referendum In and Out camps ........READ MORE

Five Fun Parlour Games To Play With Your Pre-Teen

… and create some precious family memories - off-line!....READ MORE

The Catalan Language

It's a language that is growing in importance, yet .......READ MORE

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