Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your prices really the cheapest available on the internet?

Yes. Our prices comes direct from the hotels and we don't put on any mark-up at all. If you do find a cheaper price somewhere, it probably means the hotel has not updated an offer. In that case, we will do our utmost to ensure that the hotel honours the most competitive price, and there is really no reason why they shouldn't.

Q: I've seen other websites advertising 50% off at a certain hotel.

We've seen that sometimes too. Don't believe everything you see on the internet! Generally the price has been inflated so they can then claim "50% off". We only list the real price, and that is often less than the so-called offers. Of course, there are also sometimes genuine offers from hotels and we list those on Little Hotels.

Q: What does it cost to use your service?

Nothing! Your payment goes directly to the hotel. Little Hotels does not have any booking fees or any other extras like that.

Q: Who do I pay?

Payment is made directly to the hotel on departure. Credit and debit cards are usually accepted but a very small minority of hotels are not able to take card payments. Please check the hotel page for which cards are accepted.

Q: Does the hotel require a deposit?

All of our hotels are individual, and they each have their own policy on deposits. Some of them do require a deposit, and you will find the details on each hotel page. If a deposit is required, this will be charged to your card by the hotel. In the case of hotels in Morocco, Little Hotels charges the deposit on behalf of the hotel; because of the restricted nature of the Moroccan currency.

Q: Is my money safe?

In many cases you will be paying for your entire holiday on departure from the hotel, so your money just couldn't be safer than that! If you pay a deposit, pay it by credit card and the money is automatically guaranteed by the credit card issuer (subject to certain rules). Finally, there is your travel insurance, which is very inexpensive when bought from the right place, and which should cover you for just about any loss that could possibly occur.

Q: What if I need to cancel?

Once again, each hotel has its own policy on cancellations. If you need to cancel, contact the hotel in writing, with a copy to us so that we can follow it up for you. Make sure you receive an acknowledgement back. Within the chargeable cancellation period, it is up to the hotel whether they charge you the cancellation amount. We do recommend that you have travel insurance which may cover this eventuality, among various other things that you would probably rather not think about. Unlike some other companies, Little Hotels does not charge you an administration fee if you have to cancel.

Q: How do I find the hotel, when I get there?

It's true that many of our hotels are a little out-of-the-way. That's probably why you chose the hotel you did. Our unique directions page will provide you with printed directions from any starting point of your choice. Nevertheless, minor roads in most countries are numerous and complex so a good map will be helpful when you're out and about. Watch out too, for variations in the spelling of place names: for instance, there are often small differences between the Castilian Spanish and the local (Catalan, Basque, or whatever) versions of a name.

Q: I have some mobility difficulties? How do I know if the hotel will be suitable for me?

There are many variations of "disabled" and some hotels will be suitable for some and not for others. Tell us your situation and we will do our best to recommend which hotels to go for and which to avoid.

Q: Do you have "no smoking" rooms available?

The vast majority of hotels we list are non-smoking, though they usually provide a designated smoking area somewhere.. As our hotels generally take a much greater interest than average in quality of life, clean air, organic food and so on, they are naturally more disposed to providing guests with a smoke-free environment.

Q: Do "double rooms" have a double bed or twin beds?

Some have double, some have twin, and some offer the choice. We try to provide the best information available on each hotel page but sometimes furniture arrrangements change at short notice. If the choice of one or the other is important to you, please tell us when you make your enquiry or booking.

Q: Do all your hotels take children?

Not all. Some hotels offer a romantic or tranquil ambience which is not compatible with young children. It's "horses for courses". The hotel pages on our website will tell you if children are not accepted, or if they are specifically catered for.

Q: Do all the hotels have parking?

Country and village hotels generally have easy parking. City-centre hotels are sometimes not quite so easy. Some have their own garage parking (there will be a nightly charge) and others will guide you to a public car park or suitable on-street parking.

Q: Why do you put some place names in brackets on your pages?

When the Spanish write an address, they use the brackets fo differentiate between a city and a province of the same name. So Malaga is the city and (Malaga) is the province (which includes places like Estepona, Marbella, Nerja and Ronda). We find it convenient to follow that convention too.

Q: Do I need travel insurance?

We strongly advise you to take out insurance suitable for your needs before you travel. Make sure that the insurance policy covers you if you have to cancel your flight or other holiday arrangements and for any emergencies which arise while you are away. It's not expensive if you buy it from the right place (try the Post Office, your insurance broker or our own travel insurance page), and it gives you peace of mind.

Q: How do I know my personal information is safe?

Little Hotels complies with the Data Protection Act and the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) scrupulously. More importantly, we actually care about protecting your privacy. We don't pass any client information to any third party, except to pass the necessary information through to the hotel where you are staying. We have a secure server built in to this website to ensure your credit card details are safe and your credit card number is encrypted.


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