Casa del Maestro. 

c/ Nino Ricardo, 5 (antigua Almudena), Seville.
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La Casa del Maestro is a small hotel, full of charm and joy, situated right in the centre of Sevilla. It was once the home of the renowned "maestro" of flamenco guitar, "Niño Ricardo" and now stands as a tribute to the great man, his love of life and his love of Seville.

The original part of the house dates from the 19th century, and the top floor and roof terrace were added in 1919. According to the stories in Seville, the house and its next door "twin", were built by a wealthy gentleman for his two illegitimate sons. When Casa del Maestro was converted to its new role as a hotel, the restorers were able to retain all the little idiosyncrasies that belong to this period and to lose none of the spirit of the original house. The façade is exactly as it always was, now with the balconies decorated with geraniums in typical Seville fashion. Just to the right of the big wooden entrance door is a small plaque placed by the local flamenco society in honour of the past incumbent. Inside the front door a hallway runs right through the building decorated with flowers and plants, to the patio at the end.

On each little landing of the staircase there is a glazed niche containing the decorated tunic of a Spanish bullfighter. Upstairs, all of the 11 guest rooms are ranged around the patio, a place of clear natural light, allowing visitors to appreciate the original wooden beams, the banisters, the lamps, the beautiful wooden doors and windows, the stucco walls and the spectacular mosaic floor in greens and yellows that runs right through the public spaces of the hotel. Each room is different, inspired by eleven different musical compositions of the Master, such as "Feeling of Sacromonte", "Land Mine" or "The Emigrant".

Then right at the top of the house, the roof terrace looks out across the centre of the city and the most important sights such as the Giralda and El Salvador. You are specially recommended to go up at dusk when you will see the splendid city laid out before you. It's a special sensation to recline in a hammoch there, sipping a drink and either enjoying the sun or taking in the warmth and beauty of the evening.

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Honesty bar
Roof Terrace
Laundry service
Satellite TV
Internet connection (free)
En‑suite bathroom
Air conditioning
Central heating for the winter

We Say

This delightful little hotel is ideally situated in the centre of the old town, giving easy access to all the sights of Seville. A phenomenal place to visit for the Easter celebrations or the Seville Fair. Even when it's hot in summer, you can return to the cool relaxation of the hotel and its patio.

A Word from the Owner

From the courtyard of the Hotel you can access the lounge or the library of the House, where you might enjoy a good read, a good breakfast, a drink or a chat.
On the top floor of the Hotel we have the roof where our guests can let their imagination free... or perhaps have breakfast, dinner, a drink, read a book... but be careful... La Giralda is watching us!!!

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