To many people the image of Mallorca is drunken parties and over-crowded beaches in resorts like Magaluf and Arenal. But the more adventurous discover another side to Mallorca away from these areas. Towns like Soller and Valldemossa offer pretty streets and beautiful mountain views, interesting shops, bars and restaurants and a range of cultural attractions.

There is however yet another Mallorca that is much less well known. In the centre of the island there are many towns that are virtually untouched by tourism. An area where almost everyone you pass is a local and life continues as it has done for decades. Here you won’t find many concessions to tourism. Outside the bars the old men sit for hours (with only 1 beer between them) watching the world go by and a traffic jam means getting stuck behind a tractor (or maybe a donkey and cart).

Es TrencTowns like Sineu with its large weekly market and Campos offer a much more authentic view of Mallorca. In the centre of the island lies the town of Porreres. This sleepy town has been described as the most Mallorquin town on the island. Its main claims to fame are having the 2nd largest church on the island (after the cathedral in Palma) and a small museum that includes a couple of (albeit minor) works by Salvador Dali. If you want to sit and relax outside a bar watching the world then there are plenty to choose from. Being so centrally placed makes it easy to get out and explore. The best beaches are on the east coast meaning many are within 30 minutes drive. And when you want to hit the shops, Palma is 30 minutes in the opposite direction. Soller and Pollença are only 50 minutes. In fact you can get to almost anywhere else on the island in less than an hour.

You won’t find many nightclubs or designer shops in these towns but you will find a more tranquil and traditional way of life. So if you want to get a real feel for Mallorca and escape the main tourist areas then the centre of the island is a great place to stay. And if you do decide you want to go a bit wild then Magaluf is only 50 minutes away!

This article was kindly contributed by Martin Page of Finca Son Jorbó in Porreres.

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30 Jan 2016, 17:08

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