More Places to Visit in the North of Mallorca

Cala San Vincente

We discovered this fantastic little town halfway through our holiday in Puerto Pollensa, and subsequently spent 3 afternoons there on the beach. The resort is enclosed in a rocky bay, with 2km of stunning 250m dead drop cliffs to the east (if you do the Boquer Valley walk then this is the ridge to your west).

Cala San Vicente There are 3 beaches in the bay, all very small. The first beach as you come in on the main road was our favourite, however be aware that the beaches in this resort are quite rocky at waters edge and under the water, so tread carefully. There are also a lot of steps to get down to the two western beaches, although there is steep slope access. On the eastern most beach there is beach level car parking. There are plenty of shops and bars (mostly attached to hotels), and some interesting walking around the periphery of the western beaches.

This beach is red flagged a lot more often than most resorts due to the enclosed nature of the bay, but there is an area set up for when the red flag is present to play in. Saying that, its quite impressive seeing the waves build up as they enter the bay and break against the headlands further out from the beach. When you do get the green flag its hard to beat it for swimming with the local sea life. We swam with schools of fish, but other people have reported octopuses as well at times.

For visitors who want to stay in Cala San Vicente, try La Moraleja.

Cap de Formentor

This is the peninsula to the north of the Puerto Pollensa, accessible via the Formentor road leading east out of the resort. This is a tight twisty road, and would recommend you get couple of days practice driving before you go up there, as some of the drops at the side of an unrailed road can be unnerving at times. The first port of call is the view point about 4-5 km up the road, there are 2 obvious car parks each side of the road. There is a stone pathway leading up to some amazing sheer drop views over the side of the walls, and even if you go no further you get great views of the peninsula as a whole. FormentorAlso from this car park there is a walk/drive to the top of the hill to the right, it is a 40 minute walk up or a very tight drive.

If you keep heading on the road, you will get to the beach. Don't bother. The only place I paid to park the car all holiday, it cost 5 euros. The beach is overcrowded, smelly, all shingle. The only good thing about this beach is that there is plenty of material for rock balancing.

As you drive further on, you get a long 3-4km of straight road, then you hit the very twisty bit, including a tunnel section (with steps going on the outside of the rock face above a 150m drop, I'm fairly adventurous, but they look bloody perilous). Then you hit the first view point on this section, with some great views over the north eastern coast. I'd come here in the afternoon/evening if you want photos, as the low morning sun blows out a lot of photos.

I'll admit I went no further than this due to the roads, however friends have told me that the view from the lighthouse at the end are amazing, especially at sun set. The downside of this is that you drive back in the dark!

This article was kindly contributed by Sean Liquorish (that can't be his real name!), from an item published on his blog (no longer available), and expresses his opinions and viewpoint, and not those of Little Hotels. Thank you, Sean.

Sean has also contributed blogs about Puerto de Pollensa and other places to visit in Mallorca. See another blog post about Mallorca here.

30 Jan 2016, 17:00

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