Some of the World's Most Beautiful Villages

Big cities can feature some pretty impressive landmarks, but for the most spellbinding beauty we must turn to the small towns and villages that abound throughout the world. Here is our pick of some of the most delightful locations that should be on everyone's bucket list.

Picture perfect Alberobello in the heel of Italy is famous for its unusual trulli homes, built from white-washed local limestone, with conical roofs. The steps up to Piazza del Popolo reveals stunning views over the higgledy-piggledy town. Just outside of the town, you can even stay in an 18th century trulli at Masseria Nuove Caselle.


The great English designer William Morris once declared Bibury to be the most beautiful village in England. Broadway and Castle Combe may dispute that claim but they will all be in agreement that the Cotswolds contains many beautiful villages and one of them may certainly win the accolade.

Positano Just one of many villages on the Amalfi coast that cascade down the mountains to meet the sea, there is no doubting Positano's place in this list. Its stony streets are lined with flowering lemon, orange and olive groves, not to mention stunning architecture, as they wind down to the blue Mediterranean Sea.

We have been in love with Mallorca for more years than we care to recall. Everyone knows the stunning coastline, but there are some idyllic spots inland, such as the romantic village of Valldemossa, nestling in a picturesque valley in the Tramuntana mountains. In spring and autumn when the weather is less hot and most people have gone home, this is a wonderful centre for walking and cycling. Stay in the village at Petit Hotel de Valldemossa, or just outside at Mirabo de Valldemossa.


Every parent or grandparent who has watched television with children will know Balamory. Well, its real-life alter-ego is Tobermory on the Scottish Isle of Mull. The pretty port with its colourful houses is home to the Tobermory Distillery which, at the head of the bay, mainly produces a matured single malt whisky. Just up the road is Glengorm Castle. FrigilianaCould this be the inspiration for Archie's Pink Castle?

Pretty little white villages can be found right across southern Spain, but perhaps the prettiest of them all is Frigiliana, a hillside town that overlooks the Costa del Sol. Vines of bougainvillea, lavender and jasmine grow exuberantly across the walls of houses while the cobbled streets and steps preclude the possibility of anything so 21st century as a car.

KinsaleKinsale marks the beginning (or end) of the Irish Wild Atlantic Way. This can certainly live up to it's name when the ocean rollers come crashing onto the shore. It can also bring a bright sun shining down out of a blue sky over a placid sea, when it would be hard to think of a better place to sit out and enjoy the solitude. Kinsale is famed for its exceptional restaurants where local chefs have been awarded an assortment of accolades. Its quirky streets that are flamboyantly painted every colour of the rainbow.


Set amid rocky coastal cliffs, Manarola is one of the five fishing villages that make up the breathtaking Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera. Easily the most recognisable of all five, the homes in the cliffside town are painted in shades of pastel blue, pink, yellow and Rye.

Half-timbered houses, steep cobbled lanes and ancient inns, Rye is one of England's best-kept secrets. Located between the rolling hills of East Sussex and the English Channel, Rye is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in England. Beach walks, traditional pubs and even a castle are among its highlights. You could stay right in the heart of all this history, at Jeakes House.

Cudillero fishing towns and villages are scattered along the coast of Asturias, and one of the most charming is Cudillero. According to a legend, the town is said to have been founded by the Vikings and historically fishing has been its main industry. Viewed from the land or the see, Cudillero is a delight to look at. Just a ten minute walk away is Casona de La Paca, perfect for enjoying the coast and mountains of Asturias.

Not really a village, but English Harbour in Antigua is a beautiful sight and a fascinating place to visit or stay. Choose from the Admiral's Inn or the Copper and Lumber Store, both luxury hotels set within the environs of the historic Nelson's Dockyard.

Nelson's Dockyard

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